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Anita Sarkeesian - a short recap

A short summary of the whole anita sarkeesian story.... tags: Anita_SarkeesianFeminismGamesVideogames

No More Page 3 campaign hits London streets

Members of the No More Page 3 campaign hit the streets of London protesting the 43-year practice of displaying nude female models in the ... tags: #nomorepage3anti_nuditybritish_sunfeminismfeministKarla_Adamno_more_page_3

Six Year Old Suspended For Sexual Harassment Over Kissing a Girl's Cheek! WTF?!?

Originally published on December 11th, 2013. Articles 'Six-year-old boy accused of sexual harassment and suspended from school for kissing ... tags: Education_SystemElementary_SchoolFeminismPolitical_CorrectnessPussification_of_AmericaRadical_FeministsSexual_Assault

Truth Facts About Women

Truth Facts About Women that you should know... tags: birthChildbirthFemaleFeminismgirlsmenmovies

Blog - Fem-Gaming Debate Gettting Out Of Hand

Note Due to me just now getting official status on DailyMotion, and because this video was uploaded to DM prior to me getting that status, ... tags: Anita_SarkeesianBlizzard_All-StarsdarkpowerDustin_BrowderFeminismGamingPC

DP Blog - My Official Response To The Damsel In Distress Video (Part 1)

NOTE This video was recorded prior to me getting a better microphone for my videos, so please excuse the voice quality of this video. Part ... tags: Anita_SarkeesianDamsel_in_distressDarkpowerFeminismFeminist_FrequencyNintendoTropes_vs._Women_in_Video_Games

Pantene Ad Urges Women to Fight Workplace Stereotypes

A Pantene Philippines ad for its 'Whip It' campaign highlights stereotypes women face in the workplace and encourages women to be strong ... tags: battle_of_the_sexesfeminismhairLean_InPantenePantene_adPantene_commercial

Lorde Rules At The Grammy Nominations Concert!

She's on the campaign trail Anytime Lorde is singing, you better believe we're listening, but even moreso at the Grammy Nominations Concert ... tags: American_literatureDebut_albumsEntertainmentFeminismGrammy_AwardGrammy_Nominations_ConcertLorde

Microsoft's New Sales Strategy For Xbox One Labeled 'Sexist' By Angry Consumers

Microsoft recently added a customizable letter to their site so gamers can convince significant others to buy them an Xbox One. ... tags: female_gamersfeminismgamer_girlsgirl_gamerslettermicrosoftonline_letter

Live-in relationship neither a crime nor a sin- Supreme Court

Live-in relationship is neither a crime nor a sin, the Supreme Court has held while asking the Parliament to frame laws for protection of ... tags: CrimeFeminismLive_in_Texassexual_assaultSupreme_Court_of_IndiaWomen_and_Empowerment

Sexism Outcry - Time for a New Feminism? | Agenda

In this editionSexism Outcry - Time for a New FeminismGuest Sabine Rennefanz, Political Correspondent, Berliner ZeitungBritain in the EU - ... tags: agendabritaindeutsche_wellefeminismmoritz_pfeiffernazisabine_rennefanz