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REGARD 238 - Giulietta La Muse de Fellini - RLHD.TV

le numro 17 des CLEFS DU CINEMA ouvre ses images sur Giulietta Masina, dont Eo Valds, Dominique Delouche et Jean-Max Mjean notre invit ... tags: CinémaFederico_FelliniGiulietta_MasinaJean-Max_Méjeanlivre

Vent'anni fa moriva Federico Fellini, il genio della Dolce Vita che ha fatto sognare

Federico Fellini moriva venti anni fa e ancora oggi grande il ricordo del regista de La Dolce Vita. Fellini infatti considerato ...

Spaghetti on a Tightrope

La strada 1954 - Spaghetti on a Tightrope - Gelsomina Giulietta Masina is enthralled by Il Matto Richard Basehart and his act on the ... tags: Aldo_SilvaniAnna_PrimulaAnthony_QuinnFederico_FelliniGelsominaGiulietta_MasinaGustavo_Giorgi

The Great Zampanò

La strada 1954 - The Great Zampan - Zampan Anthony Quinn teaches Gelsomina Giulietta Masina the proper way to introduce him. tags: Aldo_SilvaniAnna_PrimulaAnthony_QuinnFederico_FelliniGelsominaGiulietta_MasinaGustavo_Giorgi

Lungs of Steel

La strada 1954 - Lungs of Steel - Zampan Anthony Quinn is interrupted by Il Matto Richard Basehart in the middle of performing a trick. tags: Aldo_SilvaniAnna_PrimulaAnthony_QuinnFederico_FelliniGelsominaGiulietta_MasinaGustavo_Giorgi

Suzy's Bedroom

Juliet of the Spirits 1965 - Suzy's Bedroom - Suzy Sandra Milo shows Juliet Giulietta Masina some of the features of her lavish bedroom. tags: Alba_CancellieriCaterina_BorattoFederico_FelliniGiulietta_MasinaMario_PisuRosella_De_DepioSandra_Milo

Suzy's Treehouse

Juliet of the Spirits 1965 - Suzy's Treehouse - Juliet Giuletta Masina discusses relationships and marriage with Suzy Sandra Milo in her ... tags: Alba_CancellieriCaterina_BorattoFederico_FelliniGiulietta_MasinaMario_PisuRosella_De_DepioSandra_Milo

Dreaming at the Beach

Juliet of the Spirits 1965 - Dreaming at the Beach - Juliet Giuletta Masinanbspfinds herself enveloped in a bizarre dream while napping at ... tags: Alba_CancellieriCaterina_BorattoFederico_FelliniGiulietta_MasinaMario_PisuRosella_De_DepioSandra_Milo

Top 5 Movies About Movies - The MacGuffin

Another Top 5 segment from The MacGuffin. This time Brandi Sperry and Allen Almachar share their top 5 movies about movies. tags: BadBeautifulBoogie NightsBoogie_NightsCairoCinema ParadisoCinema_Paradiso

CriterionCast – Episode 057 – David Cronenberg's VIDEODROME – Special ...

This is the podcast dedicated to The Criterion Collection. Rudie Obias, Ryan Gallagher, 38 James McCormick discuss Criterion News 38 Rumors ... tags: BagdadClaude_LanzmannCriterionCast_EpisodesDavid_CronenbergFederico_FelliniFrancis_Ford_CoppolaIFC_Films

CriterionCast – Episode 031 – Federico Fellini's Amarcord [Criterion ...

This is the podcast dedicated to The Criterion Collection. Rudie Obias, Ryan Gallagher amp James McCormick discuss Criterion News amp ... tags: AI_Artificial_IntelligenceAmarcordAndrea_ArnoldCannesCriterionCastCriterionCast_EpisodesCriterion_Collection

Shelf Life: 8 1/2

On January 12, 2010, the good folks at Criterion released 8 ampfrac12 on Blu-ray, smartly capitalizing on the release of Rob Marshall's ... tags: 8128_12AnoukAimeeanouk_aimeeChicagoCubsColumnsDanielDay-lewis