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Fast-food Videos - 4 by Popular

Supertaster Daily: 5 Fries in 3 Minutes

We've tackled colas and cheeseburgers now, the triad is complete with a five-in-three- face-off between fast-food fries McDonald's, Five ...

Are the Three Cheese Egg Beaters Three Times as Good?

The popular low-cholesterol egg substitute known as Egg Beaters comes in a new triple-cheese-infused variety. Does it deliver on its ...

5-in-3: Boxed Chocolates for Valentine's Day

Supertaster gets in the romantic swing of things and reviews a slew of boxed chocolates Whitman's Sampler, Elmer Chocolate Rose Heart, ...

Supertaster Daily: Burger King BBQ Sandwiches

Burger King is going on a nationwide road trip with its new line of BBQ sandwiches, and we're going with them, trying sandwiches attributed ...

A Roundup of Latke Mixes for Hanukkah

Supertaster gets in the holiday spirit with a tasting of three potato-pancake mixes Carmel, Streit's, and Manischewitz.

Totally Stacked Wines in Vinoware

A new single-serving, plastic-based wine-packaging system called Stacked Wines in Vinoware is either totally brilliant or totally stupid.

Ben & Jerry's Puts Cannoli in Ice Cream

Putting a classic Italian dessert like cannoli into an ice cream flavor without disrespecting the Sicilian pastry takes class and moxie. Do ...

10 Energy Drinks for Black Friday

Supertaster offers caffeinated salvation to the hordes planning to storm Black Friday sales, with an energy-drink tasting that includes Red ...

“Mexican” “Pizza” at Taco Bell

What do you get when you Americanize Mexican food so much that you have to use a bastardized Italian term to describe it Mexican Pizza at ...

Food Rations for the Mayan Apocalypse

Anticipating the world's end, Supertaster stocks up on rations, including bars from Datrex, Survivor Industries, and Emergency Suppliers. ...

The Holiday "Gift" of Mike's Hard Chocolate Cherry

The Mike's Hard limited-edition Chocolate Cherry malt liquor promises to be either a yuletide bonanza or a liquid white elephant. Which is ...

French Toast for National French Toast Day

Right on time for National French Toast Day reviews of Eggo French Toaster Sticks, Weight Watchers Smart Ones French Toast with Turkey ...