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'Anchorman 2' Moves Up Release Day

'Anchorman 2' will hit theaters December 18th, two days earlier than expected. Lisa D'Souza brings us the latest scoop on the infamous ... tags: anchorman_2_release_dateAnchorman_castanchorman_release_dateanchorman_sequel_datefake_newsHollywoodHost_Lisa_DSouza

Eggnog In October

Eggnog In October 135 Premature Christmasization Regular Keywords Eggnog Christmas shopping Peter Griffin Talking Teddy ... tags: Angry_BirdsAnimals_Being_AwesomeBeforeChristmasEggnogFake_NewsNight

Dinosaurs: Where Are They Now?

Dinosaurs Where Are They ... 254 Just a little over 250 million years ago, they were ontop of the world but what lead to the downfall ... tags: Behind_the_MusicClean_ComedyDinosaursEducationalExtinctionFake_NewsFlintstones


Brooke Alvarez oversees reporters from her vantage point in the FactZone. Stewart Adams tackles top science stories in the Lab Report. Jean ... tags: Brooke_AlvarezComedyfake_newsMocumentarynewsOnionPolitical

Cyber Attack

After America suffers a cyber attack, Brooke Alvarez interviews top U.S. officials via satellite. If someone saw something, or allegedly ... tags: Brooke_AlvarezComedyfake_newsMocumentarynewsOnionPolitical

Real America

Washington enters talks with the people of Real America. Whenever news happens, Brooke Alvarez is fearless in her pursuit of the truth, ... tags: Brooke_AlvarezComedyfake_newsMocumentarynewsOnionPolitical

Onion News Network: How the Writers Got Hired

Moderator Anderson Cooper journalist, author, anchor of 'Anderson Cooper 360' asks the panelists how they joined The Onion. Head writer ... tags: Anderson_CooperComedyFake_NewsForeign_PolicyHeadlinesJoe_GardenJohn_Krewson

Onion News Network: Creating the 9/11 Issue

Moderator Anderson Cooper asks about the success of The Onion's web site and social media activity. Sports editor John Krewson recalls ... tags: 9/11Anderson_CooperChinaComedyFacebookFake_NewsHijackers

Onion News Network: Anderson Cooper and the Afghan Warlord

Editorial manager Kate Palmer talks about the online reaction to the controversial article 'Planned Parenthood Opens 8 Billion ... tags: AbortionplexAlan_RickmanAnderson_CooperComedyFake_NewsJoe_GardenJohn_Krewson

Onion News Network: The Writing and Editing Process

Associate editor Will Tracy describes how the stories are edited. Moderator Anderson Cooper asks how the writers avoid revealing political ... tags: Anderson_CooperBarack_ObamaComedyFake_NewsGuantanamo_BayHeadlinesJoe_Garden

Onion News Network: The Writers Reveal Their Favorite Headlines

The Onion writers recall their favorite headlines, including 'Rubber Band Needed' and 'Man In Headlock Just Wanted To Party.' Associate ... tags: Anderson_CooperComedyEarthquakeFake_NewsHaitiHeadlinesJoe_Garden

Onion News Network: Campaign for a Pulitzer Prize

Moderator Anderson Cooper asks about The Onion's campaign for a Pulitzer Prize and their advocacy group Americans for Fairness in Awarding ... tags: AFAJPAnderson_CooperComedyDiversityDoyle_RedlandFake_NewsGrassroots