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Eye Makeup Videos - 2 by Popular

Elevator Makeover - Simple Beach-Wedding Style with a Twist (and a Braid)

To create a laid-back but stylish beachy look, pros Theodore Leaf and Jessica Harlow give Sabrina a quick makeover using some chic twists ...

Elevator Makeover - Creating the Perfect Job-Interview Look

Alexandra has a job interview and wants to appear professional and sophisticated, but not stuffy. See how style and beauty experts Theodore ...

Elevator Makeover - Theodore Leaf Reveals Secrets From the Elevator Makeover Set

Did Elevator Makeover get its own set makeover And what happens if the elevator gets stuck Host Theodore Leaf responds to these and more of ...

Elevator Makeover - From Country Girl to City Chic

Fair-skinned and curly-haired Lexie wants her style to reflect a more professional demeanor. Watch as style and makeup experts Theodore ...

Elevator Makeover - Theodore Responds to Your Style Questions and Comments

Theodore Leaf reads through your YouTube comments and responds to important hair and accessory styling questions to help you achieve the ...

Elevator Makeover - Style Bonus: Theodore Leaf Responds To Viewer Questions

Glamour's beauty editor at large/co-host of Elevator Makeover Theodore Leaf responds to YouTube comments about some recent episodes and ...

Elevator Makeover - An Easy Way to Break Out of a Style Rut

Pietra has become too comfortable wearing all black, so style and beauty experts Theodore Leaf and Jessica Harlow show her how bold color ...

Backstage Beauty - How to Create Spider Lashes: Pat McGrath Makeup Tutorial

Who better to give us an education in spider lashes than the woman responsible for their omnipresence at the Fall shows

Elevator Makeover - Stand Out at an Audition with Signature Personal Style

When it comes to performing, Leah is a triple-threat. But to stand out from the crowd, her personal style needs help. Luckily, Theodore ...

Dressing for a High School Reunion

Tammie is heading home for her high school reunion and shes looking to dress to impress. Watch as Theodore Jessica give her a head-turning ...

Beauty How-To - How to Create Eye Makeup That Pops

Watch our tutorial to achieve the best bright eyes.