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Insanely Low Plane Flyby!

A biplane pilot traveling around 200mph barely misses a quad bike rider and the woman holding this camera on a runway. That has to be the ... tags: biplaneextremeextremelyflybyinsanelowpass

HUGE TELESCOPE: Scientists step up hunt for alien life

British scientists are building parts for the European Extremely Large Telescope which will be situated in the Atacama Desert, Chile. tags: andAtacamaCouncilEuropeanExtremelyFacilitiesLarge

Anaphylactic Shock After Vaccination Extremely Rare; Elderly at 3x Raised Risk of Infection ...

January 24, 2012 - InsidermedicineFrom the UK - Anaphylactic shock following vaccination is an extremely rare event, according to a ... tags: AfterAnaphylacticBrainCancerDeadlyElderlyExtremely

INSTALLING an Internal Memory Card Reader

Okay, so this Monday we are going hands on with the computer. It's been a while since I opened my computer and taught ya how to do ... tags: 922audioawesomebuildcardcaseclear

Clik App - FREE Remote For YouTube - iOS and Android!!

That's right You now have the option to use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a remote for YouTube This simple app really takes the take for a ... tags: androidappapplcaitonapplicationawesomeclickclik

2012 Oscar Best Picture: Hugo Over The Artist, Bev Rivas Says

02/14/12 2012 Oscar Best Picture Bev Rivas Says It's Hugo Over The Artist. This is Bev Rivas first well first really official video ... tags: 2012Academy Award For Best PictureArtistAwardsBestBevblog

2-IN-1 TUTORIAL: Customize Facebook and Add Recycle Bin to Taskbar on Desktop

Hey there, thanks for watching the newest tutorial video on my channel. In this video I show 2 awesome tuts for the customize lovers The ... tags: awesomebestbincompcomphelpcomputercostomize

AWESOME Gradient/Overlay Lines Wallpaper Tutorial [Bonus Content Included]

Hiya Thanks for watching this video, in which I'll show ya how to make a pretty nice looking wallpaper like this The video ... tags: Adobe PhotoshopAmazingawesomeclearcommentarycompcomphelp

Monarch Three 2012

Political activists that in the past were attacked in a traditional manner are now targeted with EMW. Targeted Individuals TI's fit a ... tags: extremelyfrequencygregorylowmarshallmkultramonarch