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Tsunami of Rationality II

The expression of joy of a former Muslim turned an atheist and a humanist on his liberation from shackles of Islam. tags: atheismatheistEx-Muslimformer MuslimIslam

Stalker clone, canine and... any requests?

Giving my stalker clone the time of day. If you come across this person, give 'em a nice virtual kick in the groin for me. Oh, by the way, ... tags: apostateatheismatheistAustralianBedlingtonblogdog

Aussie atheists' "Christmasalia"

Woohoo, just in time for midnight after a long day of Christmassy excitment Muahaha, this is proof that not all of my videos are going to ... tags: apostateatheistatheistsAustraliaAustralianblogChristianity

Thank you for your support!

What I can be polite Since I can't thank everyone individually that would take a whole day and I'm a tad lazy when it comes to that, I ... tags: atheistblogex-MuslimKimDonesiaPeoplesupportersthank

Apostasy & Islamic death penalty

DISCLAIMER So far, all Muslims have been doing in response to this video is doing their typical ad hominem attacks, Strawman arguments, and ... tags: apostasyatheismatheistdeathex-MuslimIslamKimDonesia

Why is Kufr (Disbelief) a Crime?

If you want to discuss any of my videos you can visit PLEASE NOTE I am not responsible for the content.PeaceEDIT THe song at the end ... tags: agnosticagnosticsAllahapostateArabiaatheistatheists

Critiquing Islam: Wafa doing what Wafa does best

One of the best critics is one who's 'been there, done that' - and Wafa Sultan has. Another great sit down with the great Wafa ... tags: Christcriticex-muslimhateIslamJesusjihad

Wafa Sultan (Shaytan) Exposed & Refuted.

An Egyptian Islamic cleric refutes Wafa Shaytan and exposes her lies. Wafa Sultan ExMuslim Refuted by Islamic cleric ... tags: aljazeerahChannelclericdebateExMuslimIslamIslamic

Ex-Muslim Christian on the Run for Conversion - CBN Report !

Ex-Muslim on the Run for Conversion By Abdallah Daher, Sarah Pollak Dale Hurd CBN News March 27, 2008 - From the Gaza strip to ... tags: britainChristconvertDarknessEmbraceex-muslimIslam

Persecution on Ex-Muslim Christians in Malaysia - CBN Report

Malaysian Christians Face Threats, Worries By George Thomas CBN News Senior Reporter March 25, 2008 - KUALA LUMPUR- Malaysia ... tags: ChristconvertDarknessEmbraceex-muslimIslamJesus