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How to Measure Food Portions for Diabetes Control

Portion sizes have soared over the last 20 years. This can make it difficult to eat healthy, especially if you have diabetes. Learn how to ... tags: CarbohydrateControlDiabetesdiabetesHowdiabetes_diet_tipsDiabeticseverwell

Almost Allergy Free Plant Pollen Quiz

Time for a pop quiz. Which of the following plant pollens is unlikely to trigger an allergy attack. tags: Allergyallergy_attack_preventionallergy_informationallergy_to_pollenAlmostbreathingeverwell

How to Simplify Getting Dressed with Arthritis

When you have arthritis, getting dressed can wear you out before your day even begins. Learn how to make getting dressed easier on your ... tags: Arthritisavoiding_arthritic_paincoping_with_arthritisDressedeasyeverwellGetting

Diet Solutions for a Couple with High Blood Pressure

Dietitian Carolyn O'Neil rescues a volunteer whose busy life makes it hard to follow a blood pressure controlling diet that will protect ... tags: BloodCoupledash_dietDietdietDietDietitian_Carolyn_ONeileverwell

How to Transport and Store Diabetes Drugs

Some diabetes drugs and medical supplies are especially sensitive to temperature and moisture changes. Learn how to safely transport and ... tags: coping_with_diabetesDiabetesdiabetesHowdiabetes_drug_protectiondiabetes_drug_transportationDrugseverwell

How to Cook Easier with Arthritis

Common kitchen tasks can be a real challenge when you have arthritis. Here's how to prepare your meals with less pain. tags: appliancesarthriticarthritic_painArthritisarthritisHowArthritis_Pain_Reliefarthritis_support

Most Common STD in the U.S.

Time for a pop quiz. What is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the U.S. tags: CommoneverwellhealthHealth_Sexual_Healthhepatitis_b_prevalenceherpes_prevalencehpv_prevalence

How to Stay Safe During a Tornado Warning

Tornadoes can hit anywhereand any time. Here's what you need to do when you hear a warning. tags: DuringEmergency_KiteverwellHowoutdoor_safetySafeStay

Weight Gain During Pregnancy Quiz

Time for a pop quiz. How many pounds should the average woman gain during pregnancy tags: babyDuringeverwellGaingrowthhealthParenting_Pregnancy

How to Make Blood Sugar Testing Less Painful

Testing blood glucose levels regularly is one of the keys to managing diabetes. But pricking your finger multiple times a day is a real ... tags: Bloodblood_glucose_testingdiabetesHowdiabetes_pain_reliefdiabeticseverwellfinger_pricking_pain

Questioning Gluten Free Diet for Healthy People

More people are avoiding foods that contain gluten, a protein in wheat, barley and rye. But is gluten really bad for most of us Our Healthy ... tags: avoidingcaloriesceliacDietdiseaseeverwellfood