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Oprah Discusses Racist Incident

At the L.A. premiere of her film 'The Butler,' Oprah Winfrey apologized for the media frenzy that arose after she experienced racism during ... tags: andDanielsEntertainmentethnicityEuropeissuesLee

Court Decision 'takes Teeth' Out of Ariz. Law

The AP's Mark Sherman, who covers the U.S. Supreme Court, breaks down what the Court's decision on an Arizona immigration law means. The ... tags: AmericaandArizonaethnicityImmigrationissuesNational

Witness: Shooting Suspect Used Racial Slur

The roommate of a man wounded in Tuscaloosa, Alabama says Monday's shooting rampage began with the suspect looking for a black man, and ... tags: African-AmericansandethnicityGeneralissuesnewsRace

Couple Says Racism Forced Wedding Relocation

A Mississippi couple says the church where they planned to get married turned them away because they are black. July 30Copyright 2012 The ... tags: AmericaandethnicityLifestyleMississippiNationalNorth

Ford on Civil Rights Icon Jackie Robinson

Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman talk about new movie '42,' which details the struggle faced by the first black player in Major League ... tags: African-AmericansandEntertainmentethnicityFordHarrisonHuman

Stereotypes - Funny

While reviewing this vid for upload I laughed a few times. I think this is one of my better vids. And a few people are saying that judging ... tags: asianblackethnicityfunnyminorityracered

Mandela, 93, Hospitalized With Stomach Ailment

Former South African President Nelson Mandela was hospitalized Saturday with a stomach ailment, according to a government statement issued ... tags: AfricaAfrican-AmericansandethnicityHumanissuesRace

Political Wrangling Leads to Stagnation in Kosovo

Kosovo declared independence in 2008, but its problems are far from over. Serbia refuses to recognize the new republic. The town of Strpce ... tags: AlbaniaethnicityindependencekosovomulticulturalismSerbiastrpce

Jeweler Refuses Entry to Young Men of Non-Western Origin

One jeweller in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, is keeping his doors firmly shut to any young man who looks like they may be Moroccan or ... tags: ethnicityHollandimmigrantimmigrationjewelernijmegenprofiling

Spotlight: Living together as equals

The Council of Europe has launched a new campaign to challenge ethnic and race-based discrimination across its member states. This campaign ... tags: Battaini-DragonicampaignCouncildiscriminationethnicityEuropeGabriella

ShowBiz Minute: 50 Cent, Deen, Khan

Fifty Cent denies attacking his partner Paula Deen has split form her agent Shah Rukh Khan announces baby. July 5Copyright 2013 The ... tags: andCelebrityDeenEntertainmentethnicityEuropeissues

Officials Deny Reports on Mandela's Condition

Nelson Mandela is in critical but stable condition, the South African government said Friday, while a close friend said the anti-apartheid ... tags: AfricaandethnicityGovernmentGracaissuesMachel