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Body Image Issues

After vlogging for some time now, I've come to realise that it has helped me more that I realise. tags: anorexiabodyconfidenceDisorderDysmorphicesteemimage

How To Feel Good About Yourself

Feeling blue This short video will provide you with useful tips on boosting self esteem, setting goals, and feeling better about yourself. tags: esteemfeelinggoodhelpimprovementself

How To Act Confident

This short video tutorial will teach you tips used by performers to disguise the tell-tale indicators of nervousness and to appear ... tags: actconfidenceconfidentesteemimprovementself

Better education as a solution to world problems

What are your ideas for a better educational system Share them and lets get a conversation going. Distributed by Tubemogul. tags: boyschildrenesteemgirlsparentsrespectschool

How To Feel More Confident At Work

Jug guide to boosting workplace confidence, with advice on using communication and body language to feel more powerful in the office. tags: confidenceesteemselfwork

How To Feel Better About Your Body

Jug guide to improving your body image, with advice on boosting self esteem and learning to accept your body as it is. Feel better about ... tags: bodyconfidenceesteemimageself

How To Boost Your Self Esteem

Jug guide to boosting self-esteem. We provide you with advice on overcoming self-doubt and learning to think more positively. tags: confidenceesteemself

Feeling Unattractive

I talk about one of the most important lessons school has taught me. tags: attractivebeautifulbeautyconfidenceesteemprettyself

How to deal with self esteem issues after breast cancer

For many women with breast cancer, the two biggest concerns are 'Will I survive' and 'What toll will the treatment take on my body' Women ... tags: afterbreastcancerdealesteemHowissues

How to Build Your Self Confidence

Tired of not getting a raise, a date or more social invites Self confidence plays a major impact on our social standing and our job ... tags: boostbuildingbusinessconfidencedailyesteemidea