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Entity Videos - 7 by Popular

Davis Station Light Pyramid.

WEBCAM LINK on their Webcam using Time lapse photography. \nKategorie Wissenschaft Technik\n\nTags ufo aliens et moon mars mystery ... tags: aliensapolloastronautbirdciacivilisationconspiracies

An American Haunting

Based on the true story of The Bell Witch of Tennessee, AN AMERICAN HAUNTING tells the story of a spirit which attacked the wealthy and ... tags: 1818aggressiveAmericanAnAndrassualtBell

The Ladder

A large family in Shrewsbury, MA, has been living with a spirit for the last 40 years. To most of the siblings, the entity is menacing and ... tags: 40_yearsaeconnectiondifferentDocumentary_and_Biographydreamentity

Reptilian Encounters on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell (Parte 2)

reptilian encounters on coast to am with art bell pamela stonebrook alien aliens reptilians demon demons fallen angel angels lucifer and ... tags: abductionabductionsalienaliensangelangelsart

Coast to Coast AM - 21 Oct 2009 - Quantum Physics & Consciousness part 1/11

physicist Dr. Amit Goswami talked about the quotscience within consciousness,quot and how the paradigm is shifting from a materialistic ... tags: amitbodycoastconsciousnessdeadEducationemotions

Coast to Coast AM - Night Terrors & Spirit Communications part 1/7

July 2009George spoke with researcher and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley about night terrors and spirit communications.She differentiated ... tags: boxcoastcommunicationsconditiondimensiondreamsEducation

Coast to Coast AM - 27 Sep 2009 - The Tricksters part 1/13

Knapp welcomed author and paranormal investigator Christopher O'Brien, who discussed the legendary tricksters of mythology and how these ... tags: amoralancientantichristcattlechristophercoastcollective

Coast to Coast AM - Suppressing the Paranormal part 1/11

Jon Rappoport nomorefakenews1 said that in his research into the science of the paranormal, he discovered that powerful secret societies ... tags: abilitiesabilityagendabeingsbonesceremoniescoast

ghost recording at chases house

haunt haunted haunting poltergiest entity ghost evil girl crying scary recording evp voices mysterious Added September 2, 2009 tags: cryingentityevilevpghostgirlhaunt

Coast to Coast AM - 19 August 2009 - Lucid Dreams, Astral Travel & Secret Societies part 1/12

Writer on contemporary spirituality specializing in alchemy, Kabbalah and consciousness studies, Mark Stavish spoke about such topics as ... tags: alchemyastralbodycoastconsciousnessdeathdevelopment

The Entity Within

Tue, 24 Apr 2007 223105 -0800Mark Secunda poetry performed by Phaedra, on location in Ojai, California. tags: acidcaliforniaentityhouseojaipoetryvideo