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Why do women with healthy diets still struggle to lose weight?

Do you eat healthily, but can't seem to lose those extra pounds no matter what you do Dr. Larry Emdur shares why some women struggle to ... tags: dietDr.EmdurEmpowHERhowHowdinilose

What role does cortisol play in a woman's body?

Cortisol is an extremely important hormone. Here, Dr. Larry Emdur discusses the role of cortisol within in a woman's body.Distributed by ... tags: cortisolDr.EmdurEmpowHERhormoneshowHowdini

Three tips to get a better night's sleep

Tired of counting sheep Dr. Larry Emdur shares three ways to get a better night's sleep.Distributed by tags: betterDr.EmdurEmpowHERhelphowHowdini

Bacon & Egg Rolls for a trip to Hawaii? That's Weekend Sunrise

Weekend Sunrise fill-in host Larry Emdur surprises some generous and newly married viewers with a surprise gift for their honeymoon ... tags: emdurfreehawaiilarryOnsunrisesurprise

Catwalk contest - Larry Emdur with Aussie supermodel Alyssa Sutherland

OMG - Larry really IS short Keywords Catwalk contest Larry Emdur with Aussie supermodel Alyssa Sutherland sexy model female woman fashion ... tags: AlyssaAussieCatwalkcontestEmdurfashionfemale

Vanilla Ice raps with Larry Emdur on The Morning Show

Keywords Vanilla Ice raps Larry Emdur The Morning Show jost funny tv seven Added March 31, 2009 tags: EmdurfunnyIcejostLarryMorningraps

Larry Emdur as Patrick Swayze in GHOST - Warning - Bad acting alert!

Watch as Larry tries to slurry it up on air on The Morning Show. His idea tags: comedyemdurfunnyghosthostlarrymorning