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Electronic Arts Videos - 2 by Popular

Mass Effect 3: What's New, Kinect Support

Dorian Kieken, Design Director for Mass Effect 3 at BioWare Montreal speaks to We discuss the latest improvements and ... tags: ActionAction RPGBiowaredirectorEAEffectElectronic Arts

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Part 2 (Demo)

In this half of the Mass Effect 3 gameplay, we see Shepard and company go to the salarian's home to recover the females. Check out some of ... tags: 2012admiralartsbiowareeaeffectelectronic

Battlefield 3: Aftershock iPhone App Review -

Today One of the most popular shooters of this generation gets an extremely underwhelming iOS spinoff. A review of Battlefield 3 Aftershock ... tags: actadvergameAftershockappappleappoliciousappstore

SSX - Conquering Africa Gameplay Trailer

Who knew there's snow in Africa Watch as your favorite character take on the most technical track SSX has to offer. From boarding in the ... tags: 2012africaCanadaeaElectronic Artsextremegameplay

SSX - The Alps Gameplay Trailer

We've got the exclusive clip from the Alps of SSX Watch as your favorite character shreds the mountain in this high octane, gravity ... tags: 2012CanadaeaElectronic Artsextremegameplaygames

SSX - Surviving the Himalayas Gameplay Trailer

In the last of our exclusive trailers for SSX, this one by far has to be the coolest. How do you survive in the Himalayas if you can't see, ... tags: 2012CanadaeaElectronic Artsextremegameplaygames

The Day of Reckoning -- Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Game Launch

I'll be streaming Reckoning live on launch day This is part of a big event put together by Day9. 38 Studios, the publisher of Reckoning, ... tags: 38 StudiosamalurBig Huge Gamesciderhelmcinderhelmcontestday

Why You Shouldn't Play Battlefield Drunk by Quantic Media

Visit Quantic Media's channel for more awesome videos There's nothing wrong with enjoying an alcoholic beverage but there's ... tags: alcoholannouncementartsbattlefieldbeerbf3comedy

Sim City, Spore, What's Next?

Is gaming legend Will Wright on his way to creating another hit tags: augmented realityeaelectronic artsfacebookforbeskym mcnicholasmaxis

Grand Slam Tennis 2 for PS3

EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis 2 is coming to PS3 worldwide by February 14th featuring PS Move support, all four Grand Slam tournaments, and ... tags: eaElectronic ArtsGameGameplayGrandplaystationplaystation 3

Classic Game Room - Interviews SPENCER BROOKS at EA PLAYFISH about Risk Factions part 1

Part 1 of 2. Classic Game Room interview with Spencer Brooks, producer of Risk Factions for EA Playfish. Risk Factions debuts on Facebook ... tags: 360addamazingCGRdownloadEAElectronic Arts