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Economic Justice Protest Videos by Popular

Peter Schiff: The Economy Is About to Implode

You Got this Occupy Wall Street crowd that wants to have a communist revolution, says investment guru and outspoken defender of free ... tags: Abouteconomic_justice_protestEconomyImplodeOccupy_movementoccupy_wall_streetPeople_Politics

LAPD Raids Occupy LA

The Los Angeles Police Department raided Occupy LA in the early morning hours of November 30, 2011. There were more than 200 arrests made ... tags: economic_justice_protestLAPDOccupyoccupy_laOccupy_LA_Raidedoccupy_los_angelesOccupy_movement

LAPD Stands Down on Occupy LA

For days, Occupy LA had been told to evacuate its camp outside Los Angeles City Hall by 1201 a.m. on Monday, November 28. Throughout ... tags: Downeconomic_justice_protestLAPDOccupyOccupy_LA_Evacuationoccupy_los_angelesOccupy_movement

Occupy Wall Street: Rise of the Occupy Movement Timeline

Since it first started in mid-2011, the Occupy movement managed to stay in the headlines for months. WatchMojo tracks the inception and ... tags: economic_justice_protestJamie_KlingerKnowledge_Historykuala_lumpurMovementOccupyoccupy_los_angeles

Police Evict Occupy LA Activists

Police in riot gear close in on anti-Wall street activists early Wednesday in Los Angeles. They're enforcing the mayor's order to evict ... tags: Activistseconomic_justice_protestEvictEvictedLAPD_Occupy_LANews_Business_NewsOccupy

A Tour of Occupy Montreal Camp

The Occupy movement aimed to challenge the status quo, and was one of the biggest news stories of 2011. takes a tour of the ... tags: CampCanadaeconomic_justice_protestMontrealMovementOccupyOccupy_Monteral

Peaceful Protesters Pepper-Sprayed At UC-Davis

Occupy movement protesters are sprayed in the face as they peacefully protest on campus, leaving students coughing up blood. tags: californiadaviseconomic_justice_protestnewsnewsyNews_General_Newsoccupy

Judge Rules No Tents For Protesters

A court rules against Occupy Wall Street. A New York judge ruled the protesters cannot take tents and tarps when they return to a Lower ... tags: campeconomic_justice_protestevictedForJudgeNews_Business_Newsoccupy