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Eating healthy for Thanksgiving

Eating healthy during the holidays is tough, and it's easy to pack on the pounds at the dinner table. tags: eating_healthyhealthy_lifestylehealth_dietMississippi_holiday_mealsstaying_fitThanksgiving_dinner

Program teaches kids healthy eating at young age

With childhood obesity on the rise, a national program is helping to teach kids in Maryland how to eat healthy at a young age.

The Freshman 15

If you're in college or headed that way, there's no doubt that you've heard horror stories about the freshman 15. Luckily, you don't have ... tags: college_dietcollege_fooddietdietingeating_healthyfreshmanFreshman_15

The Dangers of BPA in Canned Foods

A Harvard study reveals how harmful chemicals found in canned foods can affect your health. tags: BPAbpa_in_cansbpa_in_drinksCannedchildDangerseating_healthy

Healthy Lunch Alternatives at the Food Court

You can find a healthy meal at the shopping mall. Dietitian Carolyn O'Neil helps one shopper separate the bad food court options from the ... tags: AlternativesCarolyn_ONeilCourteating_healthyeverwellFastFood

Lose That Belly Fat, from Dr. Oz

Are you still struggling to lose that stubborn belly fat Dr. Oz has the answer. tags: bellycausesdr._ozeating_healthyfatgetHealth_Diet_Nutrition

The Kind Diet: The Truth

Need a quick tip on how to lose weight and perfect your skin, all while increasing your energy Check out Alicia Silverstone's Vegan Detox ... tags: Alicia_SilverstoneBest_dietDiet_foodsDiet_MealsDiet_recipeEating_healthyEating_well:_Health

What is the Best Workout for Weight Loss?

It's important to burn calories during your workout, but it's even more important that your training sessions raise metabolic rate. If they ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBody_NutritionBurning_CaloriesCalorie_CountingCarbsCardio_WorkoutEating_Healthy

Are the Calorie Counters on Exercise Machines Accurate?

If there's one thing you're certainly going to do on a diet, it's calorie counting. But are the numbers on exercise machines accurate Or ... tags: Aerobic_WorkoutBody_NutritionBurning_CaloriesCalorie_CountingCarbsCardio_WorkoutEating_Healthy

What's the Best Pre-Workout Snack to Build Muscle?

Pre-workout nutrition is very vital for building lean muscle mass and supplying your body with energy. Watch this video to find out if you ... tags: After_Working_OutBefore_Working_OutBody_NutritionBuilding_Lean_MuscleCaffeineCaloriesCarbs

The Truth About High-Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup, or HFCS, is a natural sweetener and preservative made from corn. Recently, rising rates of obesity have ... tags: Agave_NectarBody_NutritionCaloriesDextroseEating_HealthyFatGlucose