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Food Choices Can Be Influenced By Your Peer Group

Researchers from Liverpool found people model their eating habits on their peer group - so if your group eats healthy, you will, too. tags: eating_habitsfood_choicesfood_intakehealth_eating_habitshealth_newspeer_pressurepoor_eating_habits

3 Rules of Good Nutrition

Obesity rates in America are at an all-time high. Why Because people eat a lot more calories than they burn each day. The worst part is ... tags: American_HealthBody_NutritionCaloriesDiet_FoodsDiet_Tips:_Nutritional_InfoEating_HabitsEating_Healthy

Anorexia Treatment Options

It's speculated that underweight Brittany Murphy's anorexia nervosa played a part in her untimely passing. Anorexia, an eating disorder ... tags: anorexia_nervosaanorexia_statisticsanorexia_treatmentanorexicbody_imagebody_issuesbody_size

Bulimia Treatment Options

Paula Abdul once suffered from bulimia nervosa, characterized by binging and purging. People with bulimia have weight problems and body ... tags: bingingbody_imagebody_issuesbody_sizebulimiabulimia_disorderbulimia_nervosa

How To Prevent Panic Attacks

This video is about helping people prevent panic attacks using some simple methods. You will discover various ways you can mentally and ... tags: anxietydiary_of_panic_attackseating_habitsfoods_to_avoid_panic_attacksHealthhormoneslaughter

Choosing Eating Plans

I get a lot of questions about you know people come in and they have got 4 or 5 different books. And one is eat right for your type, and ... tags: Choosing_Eating_PlansEatingeating_habitseating_planseating_plan_optionsExpert_SeriesGeoBeats

How To Get A Six Pack Fast

Dan demonstrates an exercise on how to get a six pack fast. It is advanced, so it does work quickly. He also shares tips on the right ... tags: abdominal_exercisesabdominal_musclesadvanced_workoutbody_fatburn_calorieseating_habitsFashion

Obesity & Exercise

Adding an exercise plan to your healthy diet will not only help take weight off it will help you keep it off. Watch this for a quick tip tags: American_HealthBody_NutritionCaloriesDiet_FoodsDiet_Tips:_Nutritional_InfoEating_HabitsEating_Healthy

Obesity & Sleep

The complications of obesity can continue even when people are asleep. Watch this for a quick tip on combating the risks tags: American_HealthBody_NutritionDiet_FoodsDiet_Tips:_Nutritional_InfoEating_HabitsEating_HealthyGood_Health