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Vlog - How can somebody be SO FACKING STUPID to NOT monitor their smart/phone usage when roaming ...

This video being in response to the most recent news video on Bell owned CTV. Maybe bell did this as propaganda against WINDmobile, or it ... tags: Bell_Mobilitycellphonedummiesdummysenselesssmartsmartphone

Drunk and dumb guy jumping over rail! FAIL!

Another dumb guy, apparently drunk is trying to jump over a rail... and it's a big big epic FAIL. So so funny

Bodybuilding with cinderblocks : FAIL!

No money to pay a gym Use cinderblocks to do your bodybuiding exercises.. But be carreful. it's not safe ahahah

Terrible Parkour skill! FAIL, he breaks his own window! ahaha

This guy is a dush A real idiot He's trying to jump over his window, in PARKOUR style. FAIL dummy

How to unload beer Kegs in dublin. Irish method! Really??!

The quick clip features two workers in Dublin, Ireland demonstrating the Irish technique of transferring heavy beer kegs from the delivery ...

"I'm Tarzan!!!" Epic FAIL! Dumb!

Awesome and funny Big Fail of this young boy trying to be Tarzan... Jump from a little cliff... FAIL dummy

Terrible driver : stuck in a parking with his car... Impossible to go out! ahaha

Look at this terrible driver... He is stuckwith his car in this tiny parking.

Coleen Rooney is Happy About Kai Ditching His Dummy

Coleen Rooney seems overjoyed that her three-year-old, Kai, has finally ditched his dummy. tags: ColeenDitchesDummyKaiRooneySonWanting

Dangerous Object: Hallmark Dummy Launcher

Hallmark Dummy Launcher is a duck gun used for training hunting dogs. The gun uses blank ammunition to blast a fake duck 50 to 80 yards so ... tags: DangerousdogDummyHallmarkLauncherMostObject

It's revolutionized shopping, dummy

Shoppers are used to seeing the traditional, lithesome outline of a fixed-sized mannequin in high-street windows, showcasing the latest ... tags: ChinadummyeuronewshitechHongKongNew