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Interview with Down with Webster

Bucky and Pat from Down with Webster chat with about their rap rock label, what genres they do like to experiment with and we also address ... tags: bandBucky_Sejaclassic_rockDown_with_WebsterDrunken_MasterdubstepDWW

The Drunken Woman Flaunting Her Body

Freddie practices So Hai's 'drunken' style of kung fu. He does well until he gets to the form of the 'drunken woman flaunting her body'. He ... tags: 1978ActionartifactsartsbetweenBodycaught

Take It Easy

Freddie challenges the King of Bamboo to a rematch. The King of Bamboo is eager to defeat Freddie again. This time Freddie employs the ... tags: 1978ActionartifactsartsbetweencaughtChan

My Honor Comes First

Charlie Wei, a champion fighter, is practicing martial arts in the countryside. Thunderleg, a vicious assassin, has been paid to kill ... tags: 1978ActionartifactsartsbetweencaughtChan

You're Wide Open!

Freddie gets revenge against his annoying martial arts teacher by showing off while fighting him. His teacher becomes humiliated when all ... tags: 1978ActionartifactsartsbetweencaughtChan

What's That Supposed to Be?

Freddie gets into a fight with Thunderleg, an infamous assassin. Thunderleg is an undefeated martial artist.Original Release Year 1978 tags: 1978ActionartifactsartsBe?betweencaught

I Let You Win

Freddie and his friends are watching women in the marketplace. Freddie bets that he can get a beautiful woman that they spot to hug him. ... tags: 1978ActionartifactsartsbetweencaughtChan

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Freddie had tried to get a free meal from the restaurant, but the owner found out. The owner has his men beat up Freddie in order to teach ... tags: 1978ActionartifactsartsbetweencaughtChan

But Your Brain Is Straw

Freddie gets into a fight at a restaurant because he was stealing food. The restaurant's owner has sent his men to fight Freddie. Freddie ... tags: 1978ActionartifactsartsbetweenBrainBut

Looks Like Dancing

Freddie tries to show off his kung fu skills to So Hai, the beggar. So Hai teaches Freddie a lesson. So Hai proves that he has impressive ... tags: 1978ActionartifactsartsbetweencaughtChan