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Draco × Harry - All I Wanted Was You

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING ON THIS VIDEOIT'S PURELY FAN MADEStoryline===============Harry is still questioning about his love with ... tags: All I Wanted Draco Malfoy Drarry Fanvid Paramore slash yaoi

Draco&Harry Room Of Requirements DH2 - Spoiler Alert!

I know the quality is terrible but i just had to upload this oAnd for some persons this is not Drarry but for me and my suscribers yes ... tags: Deathly DH2 Draco Hallows Harry of requirements

Harry Potter Drarry chat room 7

i will be away for a few days with out a computer. so the suspence will be killing u i hope. tags: chat room drarry harry potter potterchat roomdrarryharry

~ Starcrossed ~ Drarry [Draco/Harry SLASH!!!]

Warning Slash That means HOMOSEXUALITY see below A/U This video won first place in the TrioHeart 'Murder' Contest Yea I don't normally do ... tags: bloodDracoDraco_HarryDrarrygayhalfHarry

Harry Potter: Who will love me now? (PREVIEW) - Angst with a bit of Snarry

I had an angsty mood so I decided to make a very angsty video. It's about Snape and Draco in preview it's only Snape for now and their need ... tags: angstDracoDraco_HarryDrarrygayHarryHarry_Draco

Drarry (Slash Draco x Harry) - Shattered

drarry slash draco malfoy harry potter angst voldermolt love hate bound by clandestine addiction shattered Added December 25, 2009 tags: addictionangstboundclandestinedracodrarryharry