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Sage, Rosemary and Lemon Bath for Sweating

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears takes a dip in a sage, rosemary and lemon bath, a home remedy that may help curb his excessive sweating. tags: AlternativeBathDr._Jim_SearsDr._Lisa_MastersonExcessive_Sweating_BathforHealth_Alternative

Dr. Sears' Sweating Problem

No one is immune to embarrassing body problems not even The Doctors. 'It's hard to admit it, but I have a really embarrassing problem,' ... tags: Dr.Dr._Jim_Searsexcessive_sweatingHealth_DermatologyhyperhydrosisPerspiration_ProblemProblem

Round-The-Clock Daycare Centers

Learn about round-the-clock daycare centers that cater to parents who work odd hours. tags: caringconsistency_in_caregiversDr._Jim_SearsDr._Lisa_MastersonDr._Travis_Storkforkids

Five Reasons to Look Behind Your Furniture

What you don't know can't hurt you or can it Learn five reasons to look behind your furniture and appliances next time you're cleaning ... tags: allergy_preventionBehindbenefitscleaningDr._Drew_OrdonDr._Jim_Searsdust_mites

What Is the Coxsackie Virus

Coxsackie is a highly contagious virus that causes painful mouth sores that appear in the back or the throat and the tonsils. tags: Antihistamine_DrinkCoxsackieCoxsackie_painCoxsackie_symptomsCoxsackie_VirusDr._Jim_SearsHealth_Conditions_Illnesses

The Health Risks of Buying Secondhand Products

Do you buy products hand to save money From mattresses to car seats, Dr. Sears reveals the dos and don't of buying hand. tags: benefitsBuyingcarChildDr._Jim_SearsHealthHealth_Others

How to Add More Iron to Your Diet

Learn how spoon nails can signal an iron deficiency. And, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears' tips for adding more iron to your diet. tags: Addaddingchild_diet_tipsDietdinnerDr._Jim_SearsHealth_Diet_Nutrition

How to Survive Broken Ice

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears demonstrates what to do in case you fall through broken ice. tags: Brokenbroken_ice_survivalDr._Jim_Searsfinding_hard_icegettingHowIce

When to Worry About Baby Weight

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains what is considered a healthy amount of baby fat, and when to worry that your baby is overweight. tags: AboutBabybaby_fatbaby_growthBaby_OverweightBaby_Weight_Problemschild_growth

How to Walk Carefully on the Ice

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explain what to watch out for before stepping onto ice. tags: CarefullyDr._Jim_SearsHowIceice_safetyice_widthsafetyHow

Band-Aid Dermatitis

After removing a bandage, is the skin underneath red, raw and tender It could be Band-Aid dermatitis. tags: aidbandBand-Aid_Dermatitisband_aid_removalcarecontact_dermatitisDr._Jim_Sears