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[China] First Manned Docking of Shenzhou 9 to Tiangong-1 Spacelab

China performed their first ever manned automated docking today June 18th at 0608 UTC when the manned Shenzhou 9 spacecraft docked with the ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

[China] Crew Enter Tiangong-1 Space Lab

The three membered crew of Shenzhou 9 become the first ever astronauts to enter the Chinese Tiangong-1 Space Laboratory.Hatches opened at ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

[China] Crew Perform First Manual Docking (24th June 2012)

After a successful automated docking 6 days ago the crew aboard the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft undocked from Tiangong-1 today at 0315 UTC before ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

[China] Highlights of Shenzhou 9 Undocking & Redocking

Highlights from the undocking and manual redocking of manned Shenzhou 9 between the Tiangong-1 Spacelab.Undocking took place around 0315 ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

[ISS] Docking of Progress 47 (M-15M) to Station

A Russian Progress M-15M, Or Progress 47 as is classified by NASA, docked to the International Space Station today, April 22nd at 1439 UTC. ... tags: dockdockeddocksinternationalm-15mprogressprogress47

[ISS] Docking of Soyuz TMA-04M To Station

After three days in space since their launch on May 15th 2012 the Soyuz TMA-04M Spacecraft docked with the Poisk module of the ... tags: dockdockeddocksexpexp31expeditionexpedition31

[ISS] Expedition 30 Post Docking News Conference

Held at the Mission Control Center in Moscow the Post Docking News Conference after the successful docking of Expedition 30 to the station ... tags: dockeddocksexpexp30expeditioninternationaliss

[ISS] Progress 45 (M-13M) Docks to ISS

Three days after launching on its Soyuz booster rocket, the Russian ISS Progress 45 cargo ship docked to the International Space Station ... tags: dockdockeddocksInternationalProgressprogress45Space

[ISS] Docking Timelapse of Expedition 30 in Soyuz TMA-03M

A time-lapse shot of the TMA-03M Soyuz Spacecraft approaching the International Space Station, Docking occurred at 1519 UTC. tags: dockdockeddocksexpexp30internationaliss

[China] Shenzhou 9 Undocks from Tiangong 1 Ahead of Landing

Shenzhou 9 with the three Chinese astronauts onboard undocked from the Tiangong 1 Spacelab today, June 28th at 0122 UTC. They had spend ... tags: chinachinesedockdockeddocksshenzhoushenzhou-9

[ISS] Expedition 29 Post Docking News Conference

Shortly after the docking of Expedition 29 Roscosmos in Russia held a press conference with members of Russian media. tags: dockdockeddocksexpexp29internationaliss