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Amenakin, Censorin' For Islam

10/02/11 I've got a lot of issues with organized religions that use socially coercive behaviors in an Islamic heavy population to ... tags: abuse abusive account Al-Baqara allah burka censor

The True Colors of KalelJordanKent (aka ProppaGannis)

In a desperate attempt to make his opponents appear dishonest, KJK has denied that any of my footage was used in his newer videos that I ... tags: (aka Colors copyright cyberbullying cyberharassment cyberstalking defamation

response to amenakin

Be sure to download yourself a copy before it gets false DMCAed... tags: amenakinbarbiecomedycreationismdarkdarwindarwinism

Is Youtube Purposely Violating The DMCA Safe Harbor Concerning My Counter Notices?

I believe that I'm the victim of Youtube violating the DMCA Safe Harbor concerning my counter-notices.My RINGO4LIFE account was suspended ... tags: copyright Counter fair Harbor Notice Safe use

What To Do If Someone Steals Your Videos

If you create enough videos and have them online long enough, chances are that sooner or later someone might 8220borrow8221 your videos and ... tags: ArtsdmcaEducationnoticesampletakedownTechnology

How abusing the DMCA can come back to haunt you

09/05/11 Proof that he supports fair use when it suits him. See his message to youtube here ... tags: abuse account censorship claim Constitution copyright DMCA

Hungrybear9562 DMCA response and education

Note Hungrybear9562 has filed a DMCA on me YouTube has processed my counternotice and youtube forwarded me a response from ... tags: abuse account Constitution copyright DMCA Double Fair

Hungrybear9562 is either lying or he is stupid

09/01/11 Read my attempt to help him understand what Fair Use is here. tags: abuse censorship copyright dmca either happycabbie he

DoubleRainbow Guy abuses the DMCA

Hungrybear9562 aka the Double Rainbow Guy's channel See all the videos about this in order by going here ... tags: abuse account censorship claim copyright counternotice dmca