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Dmca Videos - 2 by Popular

The video you NEED to watch about SOPA!

SOPA is powered by the capital of 'old media'.These are folk who want to maintain an old, outmoded and redundant status quo to the ... tags: Accountagreeandblackoutcensorshipcommonscreative

Thunderf00t DMCAed in William Lane Craigs Name

If you find the abuse of the DMCA by drcraigvideos, who is purportedly acting on behalf of William Lane Craig, you may contact him through ... tags: abuseacademicAccountandromedaswakeapologeticsChristianCollege

William Lane Craig, True Colors

William Lane Craig has indeed shown his true colors. He was given ample opportunity to act in a clear form. I sent him 5 emails I left him ... tags: academicasscensorcheapchristcitationscolors

DMCA abuse? Youtube says - Not our problem.

This video So I sent this video to YT. Their reply was swift, and apathetically indifferent. Paraphrasing, 'if you think ... tags: abuseactbelieveblanchecantcartecopyright

Jailbreaking Is Not a Crime!

EFF's Jailbreaking Support - Submit Your comments - The EFF is asking the US Copyright Office to declare that jailbreaking ... tags: copyrightdmcaeffillegaliphoneis jailbreaking illegaljailbreak

DNS Tricks and SOPA

Pox and Ragable give a little bit of background on our SOPA and to have some fun with DNS your self. tags: AccountBuyDMCADNSDomain Name SystemFreeFree Content

From one fat guy to another

01/10/12 FYI the picture used for the thumbnail is from 2009. Thought I would show the difference. tags: busyCabbiedietDMCAeverGingergreekhad

Big Spider Attacks Yahoo Butterfingers

A story about a battle I am having with Yahoo video networks in relation to content which is owned by leokimvideo. It will make you think ... tags: advertisingattacksbigbutterfingercandychocolatecontent

A Seminar in Copyright Law with Entertainment Lawyer Greg Eveline

In this clip from - Greg Eveline, an entertainment attorney, and John Snyder of ArtistsHouse and Loyola ... tags: ArtistsClassroomClauseCompositionCompulsoryControlledCopyright

Jon Zittrain Talks About the Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Harvard Law Professor Jon Zittrain says the new DMCA rules will not give jailbreak developers a get out of jail free card. tags: 2010Jonactapple_dmcaBusiness_WebcopyrightdigitalDMCA