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Boeing Slowdown, Headaches and Old Masters: Dominique Gabella

Boeing SlowdownWhat does the slowdown in production at Boeing mean What else may be in store for Boeing and its employees in Washington ... tags: Anglican_DioceseBoeingCascadia_DioceseCenterDiscovery_InstituteDominique_Gabellaevolution

Bored Tunnel

Governor Chris Gregoire has postponed her recommendation of replacing Seattle's aging Alaskan Way viaduct. Transportation officials ... tags: Alaskan_Way_ViaductBored_TunnelBruce_AgnewCascadiacenterDiscovery_institutefor

Science Lab Explores New Intelligent Design Research

On this Episode of ID the Future, Anika Smith reports on the CSC-supported, independent research facility, Biologic Institute. Headed by ... tags: biologicdesigndiscoveryDiscovery_Instituteevolutioninstituteintelligent

Questioning Darwinian Dogma: Conversation with Biologist Luman Wing, Part 1

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin interviews Luman Wing, a signer of the Dissent from Darwinism list who has spent many years ... tags: creationismDarwindarwinismDiscovery_InstituteevolutionIntelligent_Designirreducible_complexity

Texas Darwinists Oppose Critical Thinking

On this episode of ID the Future Casey Luskin explains how Texas Darwinists would rather impose dogmatism on evolution education than adopt ... tags: creationismDarwindarwinismDiscovery_InstituteevolutionIntelligent_Designirreducible_complexity

Biologist vs. Biologist from PBS's Uncommon Knowledge

On this episode of ID The Future we're featuring a short segment from a debate between CSC senior fellow and biologist, Jonathan Wells, and ... tags: biologyDarwindesigndiscoveryDiscovery_Instituteinstituteintelligent

Is there a double standardwhen it comes to intelligent design and testability?

When ID skeptics object to the arguments of ID proponents that the incredible fine tuning of the universe is evidence for design they often ... tags: cosmologydarwinismdesigndiscoveryDiscovery_Instituteevolutioninstitute

The Big Bang vs. The Static Universe: Is It the End of Cosmology?

On this episode of ID The Future, CSCs Casey Luskin interviews noted astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez about a recent cosmology article by ... tags: astronomybangbigBig_BangcosmologyDarwindesign

Darwinian Hiring Practices?

On this episode of ID The Future CSC's Dr. West explores how early 20th century Darwinists encouraged employee selection be based on ... tags: DarwindesigndiscoveryDiscovery_InstituteinstituteintelligentIntelligent_Design