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Discoloration Videos by Popular

New Heavenly Spa - In the heart of Carnarsie Brooklyn

We are a treatment-based spa, offering corrective treatments for skin discolorations, acne amp acne scarring in ethnic skin, as well as ... tags: acneadvanceddiscolorationethnichairhyperpigmentationlaser

Allumera Treatment for Blemishes and Skin Discoloration

Dermatologist Dr. Greg Van Dyke demonstrates how to banish blemishes, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles with the new skin treatment, ... tags: AllumeraAllumera_TreatmentBlemishesBlemishes_TreatmentDiscolorationDr.Dyke

How to Treat Nail Discoloration

Dark nail polish can stain nails a dull yellow. Return nails to a healthy hue using these tips. tags: beautyDiscolorationFashion_BeautyfingernailHowHowcastNail

Flawless Face: How to cover dark circles, freckles and age spots

Follow me Twitter - Blog - BF Blog - http Beautylish - My Luuux Profile - ... tags: acne after age and at before circles

Vitiligo (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

Michael Jackson was just one of the 4 million Americans who suffer from vitiligo - a skin disease that causes odd-shaped white patches to ... tags: beauty celebrity condition cosmetic discoloration disease facial

REP Interactive: Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Future of Skin Care Just Got Brighter...Lumixyl is a non-toxic, non-irritating, synthetic peptide technology that is clinically shown ... tags: AcneAgingAlternativeBiochemistryClinicalcosmeticDark

Body Hair Removal: Laser

For some people, shaving, waxing and threading just doesn't cut it, which is why 2 million Americans undergo laser hair removal surgery ... tags: Acne_MedicationsAftercareamericansBest_TimeBlistersBumpscarmen

High Tech Teeth Discoloration

The Icon treatment, a revolutionary new dental system, promises to eliminate unsightly teeth discolorations and restore pearly whites. ... tags: cosmeticcosmetic_dentistryDiscolorationDr._Thomas_ConnellyforHealth_Dental_HealthHigh

Can You Prevent Jaundice

Is there any way to prevent jaundice in infants Pediatrician Dr. Jay Gillenwater from the University of Virginia Health System, answers in ... tags: bilirubin_levelsdiscolorationHealth_Pediatricsicterusinfant_healthjaundicejay_gillenwater

Cosmetic Lasers - Hyperpigmentation & Melasma Removal

A video Spore Medical produced for American Medical Aesthetics featuring their work utilizing lasers to remove ... tags: Beauty-StylecheeksCosmeticDentistrDermatologistdiscolorationgraspr

Removing heat scorch and carbon from ...

Barry Feinman from Restore It Yourself, Inc. demonstrates how to remove the discoloration and heat scorching from the hood of Stainless ... tags: appliancescleandiscolorationgrillsHome_Othershowremove