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Diarrhea Videos by Popular

Pneumonia, diarrhoea kill 400,000 children in India annually

High rate of Child mortality is a major problem facing India. According to a new report by International Vaccine Access Center, India loses ... tags: Asia-pacificDiarrheaDiseasesNew_delhiPneumonia

Supertaster: The Fun Side of Indigestion

This week's mission coating your insides with cherry goodness.

Accidental Diharrea Scene!

Shocking- CNN Accidently Airs Diarrhea Scene From Dumb and Dumber tags: accidentlyairandcnndiarrheadumbdumber

How Do You Treat Dehydration

Dr. Ranj Singh of National Health Services talks about dehydration, its causes, its symptoms in children and elderly, and its possible ... tags: causesdehydrationdiarrheafluidshomeofsymptoms

Crohn's Disease and Pregnancy

Many woman with Crohn's Disease feared that their conditions would worsen when undergoing pregnancy, but a new medication has helped fight ... tags: childbearingcrohnsdiarrheadiseasejointmedicationpain

How To Avoid Food Poisoning: Barbeques

Grilling is an American past time. But every year, millions fall ill to food poisoning stemming from backyard barbeques. Just a few simple ... tags: abdominalbarbequeBBQscookingcrampsdiarrheafood

How To Treat The Stomach Flu

It's a terrible feeling for those who contract it and those who care for them. Let us give you a few pointers on how to make your life a ... tags: DiarrheaFluGastroenteritisIllnessStomachViralVomiting

How To Recognise Dog Poisoning Symptoms

In this Videojug clip, Andi Godfrey from London Dog Forum provides useful tips on how to treat a dog that has been poisoned while it was ... tags: breathconstipationdiarrheadogdogsofpet

How To Treat Dog Diarrhoea

Videojug helps you to save your dog from diarrhea. It is important for you to starve the dog for 24 hours and then start feeding low fat ... tags: diarrheadogdogshealthillnesspetproblems

WOW 2 Spoons Of Brown Sugar Cures Running Stomach

2 Spoons Of Brown Sugar Cures Running Stomach. Here a wonderful fact that can cure your running stomach in just a few . Here's the ... tags: diarrheafactfactsinformationpanipurirunning

A Quick Question

Comedian Kenny DeForest might have a drinking problem. tags: diarrheafunnyhangoverLMAOLOLpartyingROFL