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THE ANTIKYTHERA MACHINE: ANCIENT DISCOVERIES - History/Discovery/Science (documentary)

the antikythera machine - ancient discoveries documentary. thanks for watching. history life discovery science technology tech learning ... tags: ancientAntikytheracomputerdevicediscoverydocumentaryhistory

10 Fascinating Facts About The Ancient Greeks

The Ancient Greeks were about more than togas and philosp... tags: alltime10sancientdeviceearthgodsgreeceposiedon

ANDROID CAR: Google Teams Up with Audi to Install Operating Systems into Vehicles

Google has partnered with Audi to create a new in-car entertainment and navigation system. The hands-free device will be installed directly ... tags: androidappleaudiautocarsdevicedriver

Woof woof: Bark speaks volumes about your dog

12/18/13 The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery is trying to get into your dog's head. No More Woof is a project that could bring ... tags: accessoriescampaigndeviceemotionindiegogoPrototypepsychology

Ashley Judd Claims Wynonna Hid Tracking Device on Her Car

It's not a 'stalking' story, it's a 'spying' story. This seems like something sisters do to each other when they are LITTLE, but Ashley ... tags: ashleycardeviceherhollyscoopjuddsays

Bomb 'could have killed revellers'

By Celia PaulPolice were in the process of evacuating around a thousand people from bars, eateries, residential accommodation, a theatre ... tags: belfastbombcathedral_quarterdeviceexplosionnewseurope_newsnorthern_ireland

Now You Can Use Non-Xbox One Controllers With the Microsoft Console

Sony Patents Higher-Tech Controller. The Griffins of Family Guy Coming to Your Phone Soon. Apple and Google Coming Up in Gaming Realm. ... tags: 3DSAndroidAppleBroscontrollerDeviceFamily

REVERSO - How to belay a leader

A belay device for the leader or the , descender. For use with single or double ropes. Multipurpose device belaying the leader, one or ... tags: assureurbelayerbelayingdescendeurdevicepetzlreversino

How to belay with a REVERSO

This multi-purpose belay/rappel device is lightweight and easy to use. The asymmetric V-shaped grooved friction channels regulate the ... tags: assureurbelayerbelayingdescendeurdevicepetzlreversino

Assurer le leader avec un REVERSO3

REVERSO3 Assureur-descendeur polyvalent ultralger, freinage adapt aux diffrentes cordes. Cet assureur descendeur multi-usage est ... tags: assureurbelayerbelayingdescendeurdevicepetzlreversino

Best Device To Store Content On Flashdrive, SD Card or External Harddrive - Tech Review

This is not an affiliate link I found that using an external hard-drive is best when backing up anything...i say it even beats the cloud. tags: BestCardContentDeviceExternalFlashdriveHarddrive

Technology Weekend Wrap Up

Google and Microsoft Fight Child Porn. Solar Powered iPhone. Honda Makes Walking Gadget. Space Tourist Outlines Plans. Apple Applies for ... tags: AppleAssistchildDennisDeviceGoogleHonda