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Des Shinta Videos - 2 by Popular

Tokusatsu in Review: Kamen Rider Black RX Part 4

Crisis' Deadline approaches, Old Riders return, and Kotaro's Final loss Showcases the End of the Showa TV Era, as RX Concludes. tags: Des_ShintaKamen_RiderKamen_Rider_Black_RXReviewToei_CompanyTokusatsuTokusatsu_in_Review

Tokusatsu in Review: Kamen Rider Black RX Part 3

Shadow Moon Returns again, the Team adds a WaterBender, and An Asinine Officer who's moronic scheme's eclipse all those that have come ... tags: Des_ShintaKamen_RiderKamen_Rider_Black_RXReviewReviewsToei_CompanyTokusatsu

Tokusatsu In Review: Kamen Rider Black RX Part 2

Black RX continues with the series' story arc, On-screen child death, and Kotaro learning More about his new powers. Also Many more stupid ... tags: Des_ShintaKamen_RiderKamen_Rider_Black_RXReviewReviewsToei_CompanyTokusatsu

RPG Hell: Disgaea, Hour of Darkness

RPG Hell takes a look at the Award Winning Atlus game of Demons, Human and Angels which ended up spawning an entire series. But Is it ...

Tokusatsu in Review: Kamen Rider Black RX part 1

The Rider reviews finally return to TIR with Black's sequel series and the continuing tales of Kotaro Minami.

Tokusatsu in review: Kamen Rider V3 *Repost*

Kazami Shiro, his parents murdered, is turned into a Cyborg to fight the organization Destron. Hijinks to follow, in the Kamen Rider ...

Shinta Reviews: My Name Is Bruce

Evil Dead Month concludes once and for all with the Movie By Bruce Campbell for Bruce Campbell fans that Parody's what made Bruce Campbell ...

Shinta reviews: Evil Dead Regeneration

Banished to DailyMotion by the Blip purges, Shinta continues his look at the expanded Evil dead universe with arguably it's best game.

Shinta Reviews: Evil Dead a Fistful of Boomstick

Evil Dead month returns with another of the franchises' games starring Bruce Campbell. Spoilers It isn't very good

RPG Hell Mass Effect 1 Part 6

In the long-awaited finale, Shepard and Crew Go rogue to save the Galaxy.

RPG Hell Mass Effect 1 Part 5

In part 5, we tackle the remaining Sidequests, and the Revelations at Virmire