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Derivatives Videos - 4 by Popular

Holder, Abrams, Barofsky's Own Words on S&P Lawsuit

Feb. 5 Bloomberg - U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Floyd Abrams, a partner at Cahill Gordon amp Reindel LLP, and Neil Barofsky, former ... tags: DerivativesEnglishGovernmentLitigationmarketsMoneyMortgage

S&P Lawsuit Won't Be Easy to Prove, Sri-Kumar Says

Feb. 5 Bloomberg -- Komal Sri-Kumar, founder of Sri-Kumar Global Strategies Inc., talks about a U.S. lawsuit against McGraw-Hill Cos. and ... tags: DerivativesEasyEnglishGovernmentInterviewsLegalMultimedia

Hintz Says Volcker Rule Concern for Fixed-Income Desks

Oct. 12 Bloomberg -- Brad Hintz, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein Co., talks about the so-called Volcker rule that would bar banks from ... tags: CDOs-CollateralizedDebtDerivativesEnglishGovernmentmarketsMoney

Dexia Moves Bank Crisis From Europe's Periphery to Core

Oct. 5 Bloomberg -- Less than three months after Dexia SA got a clean bill of health in European Union stress tests, France and Belgium are ... tags: CoreDerivativesEnglishEuropeEuropesFranceFrom

Satyajit Das

Derivatives expert and global risk analyst Satyajit Das isn't afraid to speak his mind about the messy world of finance. tags: abcchinaconversationsderivativeseuropeextreme_moneyfinance

How Did Greece Mask Its Debt?

Investment bank Goldman Sachs was exposed as helping Greece mask its true debt by author Nick Dunbar in his book 'The Devil's Derivatives'. tags: authorbbc_newsBBC_Worldwidederivativesdevildunbarexposed

Devil's Derivatives' Author Talks About the Economy

Devil's Derivatives' author Nick Dunbar talks about how financial innovation is killing the economy. tags: AuthorBusiness_EconomyDangersDerivativesDevil'sDevils_DerivativesDevils_Derivatives_Author

Ann Barnhardt & Warren Pollock Have an Open Conversation

Ann Barnhardt and I Warren Pollock have an open conversation organized to provide background to this crisis, the setting of legal ... tags: annbankbarnhardtbondscommoditiesderivativesfinance

Why NO Brokerage Account is Safe - Is Ann Barnhardt Correct?

Warren bulldog's his own broker by confronting them with critical questions that remain unanswered regarding the risks of Hypothecation and ... tags: accountsbondsbrokeragecardsderivativesdiscussionfdic

Insider Investing Secrets Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know About

12/13/11 In this video I discuss insider investing secrets that wall street doesn't want you to know about. If you are ... tags: credit default swapderivativesforexkingdavidbmortgagewall streetwall street fraud