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Ozone Awards Red Carpet Coverage - Hosted by Lady Drama & Lonice

Blastro teamed up with for this year's Ozone Awards in Houston, Texas. Lady Drama and Lonice take it to the red carpet with ... tags: 8_ballallhiphopbig_boiblastrochamillionairederay_davisgrouchy

See What Cindy Saw

Scary Movie 4 2006 - See What Cindy Saw - Cindy Anna Faris, Brenda Regina Hall and Tom Craig Bierko wake up inside the tripod, attached to ... tags: Alonzo_BoddenAndré_3000Andrew_McNeeAnna_FarisAnthony_AndersonBeau_MirchoffBill_Pullman

An Unfriendly Swing

Old Dogs 2009 - An Unfriendly Swing - Dan Robin Williams goes golfing with Ralph Seth Green, Riku Kevin Yamada and Yoshiro and finds that ... tags: Adam_DevlinAmandaAmy_SedarisAnn-MargretBarryBernie_MacCharlie_Reed

The Childproofers

Old Dogs 2009 - The Childproofers - The Safety Squad Dax Shepard, Luis Guzman dismantle Charlie8217s John Travolta place and eat his food. tags: Adam_DevlinAmandaAmy_SedarisAnn-MargretBarryBernie_MacCharlie_Reed

Twitching Before Circle Time

Old Dogs 2009 - Twitching Before Circle Time - Charlie8217s John Travolta face goes into uncontrollable twitches right before he has to ... tags: Adam_DevlinAmandaAmy_SedarisAnn-MargretBarryBernie_MacCharlie_Reed

How About We Go Dig a Hole?

Old Dogs 2009 - How About We Go Dig a Hole - While at camp, a disgruntled parent Justin Long accuses Charlie John Travolta of stealing his ... tags: Adam_DevlinAmandaAmy_SedarisAnn-MargretBarryBernie_MacCharlie_Reed

Sharon's Zero Connections

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood 2004 - Sharon's Zero Connections - Sharon Mo Collins has some bad news for Jiminy Martin Short concerning the ... tags: Andre_DevineAries_SpearsCarlos_JacottCorey_PearsonCourtney_AndersenDarren_ShahlaviDee_Dee

Rosa Parks, Rodney King and Jesse Jackson

Barbershop 2002 - Rosa Parks, Rodney King and Jesse Jackson - Eddie8217s Cedric the Entertainer speech on Rosa Parks leads to an argument ... tags: Anthony_AndersonCalvin_PalmerCedric_the_EntertainerDeRay_DavisDinkaEddieEve

The Fight Must Go On

Barbershop 2002 - The Fight Must Go On - Calvin Ice Cube gets some unexpected encouragement from an Indian Shopkeeper. tags: Anthony_AndersonCalvin_PalmerCedric_the_EntertainerDeRay_DavisDinkaEddieEve

History Lesson & a Shave

Barbershop 2002 - History Lesson a Shave - Eddie Cedric the Entertainer preaches about what it used to mean to be a barber while showing ... tags: Anthony_AndersonCalvin_PalmerCedric_the_EntertainerDeRay_DavisDinkaEddieEve

JD's Close Call

Barbershop 2002 - JD's Close Call - While he8217s rolling the cash machine down the street, J.D. Anthony Anderson nearly gets caught by the ... tags: Anthony_AndersonCalvin_PalmerCedric_the_EntertainerDeRay_DavisDinkaEddieEve