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A Message to the Resistance (reloaded)

reposted in order to provoke debate.Please also watch Danny's response to this, posted as video response below this videonbsp tags: depopulationflufreedomlovenwopeaceresistance

Damian Rockefeller on the Consciousness War

background track is 'the mantra' by ToolMy evil twin takes time out to come and visit me and share what the elites are really thinking ... tags: conspiracydepopulationfascismlovenwopolicerockefeller

Damian Rockefeller - We Are All One

audio -Tool - mantrafair enough, he's a bad actor - and you can see his eyes move up to read the world's cheapest auto-cue computer screen ... tags: depopulationfreedomfreemasonhumanityloveneworder

Dr. Guillebaud Promotes Depopulation at Cambridge University (1 of 2)

John Guillebaud, Patron of the Optimum Population Trust a British think tank that hates human beings and wants less of them rather than ... tags: agendadepopulationeliteloveoptimumpopulationpropaganda

126 Thumbs up for Racist Genocidal Comment?

Most interesting.............I've never had this sort of response to a comment on any of my videos. It's on this video tags: commentsdepopulationeugenicsoptimumpopulationracismtrust

Nina Hagen unzensiert 11.03.2008

Fernsehzuschauer kennen sie nur als die durchgeknallte Rockrhre doch so haben Sie Nina Hagen wahrscheinlich noch nicht gesehen. Ob ... tags: 911DepopulationDeutschlandEugenikGesundheithemtrailsKrieg

Bill Gates supports GMOs as "high-tech agriculture," February 2012, Bill Gates GMO interview

The Health Ranger shares and gives commentary on a revealing Bill Gates interview with ABC News in which Gates claims GMO testing should ... tags: agricultureBig PharmaBill Gatesconsciousnesscorporate greeddepopulationdepopulation agenda

Bill Gates' GMO & Eugenics Funding Follows Father's Footsteps: Infowars Nightly News

Bill Gates Rebranding GMOs as 'High-Tech Agriculture' Mike Adams February 15, 2012 The Health Ranger shares and gives ... tags: AlexBillDepopulationEugencisFoxGatesGMO

Pt.5/5 The Bluebeam Generation - preview video - first 07:30 minutes

Read commentary here Video will be completed the 19th of February 2012. Keypoints no entrance hole no exit hole black ... tags: 20129/11agendaarmageddonblackcloverleafcommission