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Navy to deploy laser weapons in Persian Gulf

The Pentagon is getting ready to send a 21st century weapon to the Middle East. CBS News' David Martin reports on the new laser system that ...

[Juno] Burn 2 & Spacecraft Separation from Centaur

Centaur after a coast phase reignites it's engine for a 9 burn before reorientating it's self, spinning the Juno Spacecraft up and ... tags: burncentaurcraftdeployjunoreleaseseparation

[STS-135] Picosat Deployment

The STS-135 Crew deploy the final ever payload from a Space Shuttle - A picosat. tags: 135atlantisdeploydeploymentpayloadshuttlespace

[Ariane 5] V201 Successfully Deploys Yahsat 1A & Intelsat New Dawn

An Ariane 5 rocket, flight 201, successfully deployed it's two payloads today. Yahsat 1A and Intelsat New Dawn, This comes after an ontime ... tags: 201arianedawndeploydeployeddeploysintelsat

US redeploys controversial chemical battalion

North Korea urged foreigners in South Korea to make evacuation plans, saying the two countries are on the brink of war. tags: Asia-PacificBattalionDeployKoreaSouth

U.S. and Philippines joint military drills

U.S. and Philippine troops held drills in the Tarlac province of the Philippines on Friday, as they continued their two-week long annual ... tags: andcrisisCutdeployfirehighlightinglive

U.S. downplays North Korean nuclear missile capabilities

White House spokesman Jay Carney adds his voice Friday to a chorus of U.S. officials seeking to downplay a Pentagon report stating that ... tags: capabilitydeploydownplaysKoreaLutterbeckmissilenuclear

Russia threatens to deploy missiles in row with US

Russia could deploy missiles to its EU borders aimed at missile defence facilities in Europe planned by the United States. Iskander ... tags: deployeuronewsmissilesrowRussiathreatensUSA

Russia deploys offensive weapons in reaction to US missile system

In a televised address to the nation, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev made it clear how his country will react if talks with the US on ... tags: bordersdeploymissileWeapons

Government tanks deploy in Beirut

Government tanks deployed in Beirut after at least five people were wounded by gunfire in the city on Monday after a night of tension ... tags: acrossandCutdeployGovernmentLebanesenarration

Israeli tanks deploy along Gaza border

Israeli armoured personnel carriers gather at the border with Gaza as the latest conflict intensifies and a military showdown looms closer. ... tags: andconsideringdeployIsraelioperationsRappaireports