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Blackberry blackout exposes online dependency

The hardware failure and the two day backlog in emails that disabled Blackberry service from the Middle East to North America was a warning ...

PM confident Bulgaria will beat energy dependency

Bulgaria's delayed entry into Schengen, the country's energy dependency on Russia and its efforts to counter the economic crisis - Prime ... tags: beatBulgariaconfidentdependencyenergyeuronewsinterview

Chavez announces creation of a new dependency

President Hugo Chavez has announced the creation of a new dependency formed by some Venezuelan islands, whose capital will be the Los ... tags: ChavezcreationdependencyislandsnewVenezuelan

Lose The Blankie & Put A Stop To Thumb Sucking

Valorie Burton for Focus on the Family explains when parents should intervene with their child's self-soothing mechanism. tags: BlanketChildDependencyDependentHabitInfantPacy

The Science of Love

Is human nature to blame for your lackluster relationship Sometimes we get so preoccupied with the hustle and bustle around us that we ... tags: adviceangerappreciationcoachingcommunicationconflictcontrol

Postpartum Blues

Are baby blues hurting your family and spouse Some of us have spent our entire lives dreaming of what life would be like once we were all ... tags: adoptionadviceangeranxietybookscommunicationcounseling

Microdacism: The non-religion religion.

With 20200 to 30000 sects in just one religion alone, what is one more tags: adultawarenessBeachbeeChristianitychurchcourse

Avoid Calculator Dependency In Students

Education expert Ann Dolin discusses the importance of mastering mental mathematics rather than depending on a calculator. tags:

In-Law Interference

Is constant interference from your in-laws killing your marriage Weve all seen a football game where everything went from fantastic to ... tags: adviceangerblamecoachingcommunicationconflictcontrol

Hydrocodone Abuse

Hydrocodone, or Vicodin, is a commonly abused and incredibly addicting pain relief medication. Here, we'll examine how this prescription ... tags: codependencycodependentdependencydepression_treatmentHealth_Videohydrocodonehydrocodone_apap

What Personal Technology Do You Depend on Most?

12/29/11 Most of us shudder to think of what it would be like to go back to a life before the Internet, smartphones, laptop ... tags: AndroidCellCell Phonedependencydesktopdeviceemail