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Dementia Videos - 3 by Popular

Passion for words is helping dementia patients in Lancaster, Pa.

A former teacher in Lancaster, who now works with dementia patients, is using language to try to stimulate their minds and spirits. tags: dementiaLancastermedicalonPennsylvaniapoetryreport

Garcia Marquez dementia confirmed

It has been confirmed Gabriel Garcia Marquez is suffering from dementia.Rumours about the health of the Colombian Nobel-prize winning ... tags: ColombiaconfirmeddementiaeuronewsGarciaLiteratureMarquez

Emmit Smith Fears Football Related Dementia

Constant media headlines about NFL players suffering from severe head related injuries, as well as reports of retired players committing ... tags: dementiaemmittheadinjuriesnflsmithtrauma

Dogs Helping People With Dementia

The first two dogs trained to help people in the early stages of dementia have graduated and are now out in the field.Is there anything ... tags: dementiadogsHealthhelpNewspeoplepooches

Music, Cooking Could Ease Depression During Dementia

The study involved 37 patients who were randomized to either a cooking or music group. tags: alzheimersanddementialossmemorymusic

US prisons face crisis of aging inmates

Prisons in the United States are facing an epidemic of Alzheimer's and other diseases across their ageing population.Over a three-year ... tags: aljazeeraamericasnewsclipdementiaNewprisonScott

Therapy Reignites Memory through Music

Three New Brunswick nursing homes are piloting a painless, drug-free way to reactivate the brains of people with Alzheimer's, dementia and ... tags: alzheimersBrunswickCanadadementiadiseasegeriatricsipod

Dementia on the rise among Europe's elderly - 26 Jul 09

At least five million people on across Europe are already affected by Alzheimer's disease, a fatal brain disorder and the most common form ... tags: alaljazeeraalzheimerscitizensdementiaeuropejazeera

CTE: The New Dementia Attacking Athletes

A former pro wrestler who helped change the National Football League's concussion policy is getting athletes to donate their brains to ... tags: brainconcussiondementianflresearch

Dead Space 2 - Dementia - Trailer di Lancio Ufficiale da Electronic Arts HD Sub ITA

Il gioco, dopo il successo di vendite e critica, pronto nuovamente a deliziare i videogiocatori PC, Xbox 360 e Playstation 3. La trama non ... tags: 360ActiondementiaHorrornavePauraPS3

Dead Space 2 - Excavations Trailer ITA HD - da Electronics Arts

trailer introduce l'universo di Dead Space e ti porta fino alle primissime fasi di Dead Space 2 tags: 360ActiondementiaHorrornavePauraPS3