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Israel's former PM Sharon in "sharp decline"

Doctors treating the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon say he is close to death as his health continues to decline. The ... tags: Ariel_SharondeclineformerHealthIsraelIsraelsSharon

Countering the demographic decline | People

Germany has the worlds -lowest birth rate, after Japan. The birth rate in Germany today is only about half what it was 50 years ago. ... tags: babybirth_ratecareerchildbearingchildrendeclinedemography


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Detroit on the edge

Bob Simon reports on the decline of Detroit, America's former industrial capital, and the people determined to bring it back.

Bee populations in freefall

Without bees to pollinate blossoms, one-third of the foods we eat could disappear. And, for the last eight years, bee populations have been ...

Ho, ho hum: Holiday shoppers not in the spirit

Some forecasters predicted a big jump in holiday sales this year, but analysts say it could be the worst season in four years. CBS News' ...

Cancer drug shortages lowering childhood lymphoma recovery rate

New evidence shows a link between the nationwide shortage of cancer medicine and declining rates of recovery from childhood lymphoma. Dr. ...

Sears gets jump on Black Friday

Investors continue to worry about gridlock in Washington Also, sales of video games continue their steep decline And, Sears announced that ...

Groupon gives co-founder the boot

Following another disappointing quarter, online bargain site ousted its co-founder and CEO, Andrew Mason. Rebecca Jarvis reports.

Is the Green Party past its peak? | People

Last year, the Green Party appeared to have established itself as the third-most powerful political force in Germany. Baden-Wrttemberg even ...

Losing Altitude - the decline of the party The Left | People & Politics

Frustrated with their marginal political role, constantly quarrelling over their political direction, enduring party leaders whose ...

Moderate Senators disappear

Researchers at National Journal found that the number of moderate Senators has fallen steadily from 60 in 1982 down to zero now. Scott ...