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i'd lie ;; brean

NotesOkay, so I've always wanted to do a Taylor Swift song and I just got inspired to do this one. It was completed in the last few days ... tags: breanbrookebrooke_deancrossoverdavisdeandean_brooke

17 again quote ;; brean

Editors notesTwo videos in one week O Wow, I am on fire. Actually, I'm trying to complete every incomplete file on my laptop in between ... tags: breanbrookebrooke_deancrossoverdavisdeandean_brooke

Dean Brooke Lucas - Near to you [Request from Protchfan]

This new Dean/Brooke/Lucas vid was a request from ProtchfanI hope she likes it and the others tooPlease rate and commentSong Near to ... tags: afinefrenzybreanbrookedavisbrookelucasbrucaschadmichaelmurraycrossover

"But then I met you"

I really wanted to do something with Brooke's vows and this is what came out. I've been unable to vid lately, so I'm lucky I got THIS ... tags: BreanBrookeBrooke_DeanDavisDeanDean_BrookeEntertainment

Dean Brooke - Hurt [dedicated to nathfairy]

Hey this Brean vid is for you sweetheartI hope you like it and the others tooPlease rate and commentSong Hurt by Christina ... tags: breanbrookedavischristinaaguileracrossoverdeanbrookedeanwinchesterEntertainment

Dean Brooke Sam - Disintegration

This is my new vidI really hope you like it, because it took about 3 hours to render itPlease rate and commentThe storyDean and ... tags: ashleyrickardsbreanbrookedavisbrookesamcrossoverdeanbrookedeansam

Dean Brooke - Getaway Car

This is my new Dean Brooke vidI hope you like itPlease rate and commentSong Getaway Car by My Favorite Highwayi own nothing, ... tags: breanbrookedaviscrossoverdeanbrookedeanwinchesterEntertainmentgetawaycar

Dean Brooke - Change the World [Request from TheBrookeWinchester]

This new Brean vid was a request from TheBrookeWinchesterI hope she likes it and the others tooPlease rate and commentSong ... tags: breanbrookedavischangetheworldcrossoverfingerelevendeanbrookedeanwinchesterEntertainment

Dear John Trailer - Dean Brooke Style

This is my new Fake TrailerI watched so many Dear John Trailers, but no in Brean style, so I decided to make oneI hope you like the ... tags: breanbrookedaviscrossoverdeanbrookedeanwinchesterdearjohnEntertainment

Dean Brooke - Meteor Shower

This is is my new Brean vid ... a short oneI tested a new coloringI hope you like the resultSong Meteor Shower by Owl CityI own ... tags: breanbrookedaviscrossoverdeanbrookedeanwinchesterEntertainmentjensenackles

Brooke and Dean feat. Jamie - My Collab Group Audition for WheretheStoryBegins

Okay so I love this and may make a full version of this one day...maybe.I made this for ciaimpala's colla group--this is my audition vid, ... tags: AngstBramieBreanBrookeBrooke_DeanBrooke_JamieCastiel

halo ;; brean

editors noteswell guys what d'ya think it's short as hell but i wanted to finally get a brean video done, no matter how short. i think ... tags: breanbrookebrooke_deancrossoverdeandean_brookehill