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Critical Strike 88: Return of the Music

Its been a long time since I8217ve done a music episode, I8217ve promised one over and over and just couldn8217t get myself to sit down and ... tags: AssassinsBad_Fur_DayBattlefieldBladeCriticalStrike.netCritical_StrikeDaytona_Usa

Critical Strike 87: Vita and Cripples

Its been a long time coming but something may have finally been able to pull me back to the handheld market for games, I8217ve tried the ... tags: CripplesCriticalStrike.netCritical_StrikeDeltaFerrariFinal_Fantasy_XiiiGames_Hobbies

Critical Strike 86: The Three Shades of Tim

Its about time we finally got back to doing the show, but its not like we didn8217t try for the past three weeks to get one done. Quite ... tags: AliceAudio_Mp3ChampionContestsCriticalStrike.netCritical_StrikeDead_Space

Critical Strike 83: Dickhouse Technologies

Thanksgiving is out of the way but having all that open time to play games and chat with everyone over skype was where the real magic came ... tags: Audio_Mp3CriticalStrike.netCritical_Strikecritical_strike_podcastDickhouseDownload_FileDownload_Mp3

Critical Strike 82: Lords Of The Poppycock

Were finally into the thick of the season where it seems like every game comes out all at once but we seem to be handling it well by ... tags: Audio_Mp3BattlefieldBattlefield_3BlobBlood_MusicCriticalStrike.netCritical_Strike

Critical Strike 81: Stranger Danger!

Our third chair Mr Bill finally joined us in his first episode as a member of the podcast, it8217ll be nice to have that extra person on ... tags: ArkhamArkham_CityAudio_Mp3BatmanCriticalStrike.netCritical_StrikeDark_Souls

Critical Strike 80: Josh Goes Feral

So this is our last episode as a two man show since the great BillyBillBlack will be joining us from this point on. I8217m glad to see him ... tags: 80_Mp3Audio_Mp3billybillblackbrass_bonanzaCriticalStrike.netCritical_StrikeDownload_File

Critical Strike 79: Slugga's Nob

Two episodes within just a few days of each other Yeah, you8217re welcome Kyle and I were able to get together this week for a normal ... tags: Audio_Mp3BionicBorderlandsCriticalStrike.netCritical_Strikedesert_planetDownload_Audio

Critical Strike 78: Fading Away

Its been some time since I sat down and just did a music episode without a theme and frankly its quite nice to not have to stick to any ... tags: Afro_SamuraiAmpAscensionBastionCriticalStrike.netcritical_musicCritical_Strike