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Lenon Honor The Dreamer Part 3

My website The Dream of The Changing of 5 Things He was given 5 chances to change his life and with much thought he decided ... tags: 2012ascenssionconsciousnesscritical thinkingdepressionDreamsexpanssion

Lenon Honor Speaks about the 8 Stages of Information Processing

Full video 1. Information external 2. Assimilation internal 3. Contemplation - Intelligence-based thinking 4. Identification ... tags: critical thinkingexternalization of powerGMOHAARPIlluminati Rituallenon honorlenonhonor

Richard Saunders at TAM 6 on Bringing Critical Thinking to Schools

Australian skeptic, podcaster, author, TV personality, and professional origamist Richard Saunders recorded at The Amazng Meeting 7. ... tags: amazing meetingCritical Thinkingjames randijreflectureSchoolskepticism

Lenon Honor How to Decode Media Manipulation 1 of 4

To view this video in full visit To download the full 12 hour video series visit Visit my new ... tags: 911 ada Alex jones Alternative News Analysis BP Oil Spill Corexit

911 Fear Based Mind Control Program by Lenon Honor

During this 1 hour and 30 video Lenon Honor breaks down the history of the 911 Fear Based Mind Control Re-Installation Program. Lenon Honor ... tags: 1984 BP Oil Spill Conspiracy Theory Ground Zero Home Grown Terror Inside Job Libya

Academic Excellence at Oxford College

At Oxford College students learn in a liberal arts environment on a small campus where they work in close relationship with faculty who ... tags: academic excellence critical thinking critical writing small campus student research theory-practiceacademic excellence

Does Darwinism Lead to Moral Relativism?

On this special recast episode of ID The Future, CSC senior fellow Dr. John West examines whether or not Darwinian evolution supports a ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

What is Falsifiability and Can ID Be Falsified?

CSC's Logan Gage interviews senior fellow Jay Richards about how philosophers of science use demarcation criteria to determine what is or ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

A Discussion of the Montana Law Review's Recent Publication of Articles about the Dover Intelligent ...

On this episode of ID The Future, CSC's Casey Luskin discusses with senior fellow David DeWolf the current issue of the Montana Law Review ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack