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Italy fears creeping Spanish contagion

As Spain becomes the fourth euro zone state to pick up an international bailout cheque Italian officials fear they may be next in ... tags: contagioncreepingCrisiseuronewsfearsItalySpanish

Da Ghetto Show EP05 - Beef With The DEPUTIES

This is the Fifth episode of da ghetto show in Deputy Martin and Deputy Duncan call the g boy and has some urgument. ENJOY And DOn't forget ... tags: 04AlabamaangryBlackblockcallcalling

Destination By Opposite Sides [Original]

An original piece of work entitled 'Destination By Opposite Sides.' This original piece is about knowing the position one chooses and its ... tags: AdventureBondageByControllingCreepingCultureDeep

Da Ghetto Show EP04 - Quick Calls to a Gangsta Party!

This is the fourth episode of da ghetto show in which Charles Satanic Racist Quick call a Gangsta Block Party ENJOY And DOn't forget to ... tags: 04AlabamaangryBlackblockcallcalling

MUCH BETTER - League of Legends - (Game 9)

Wanna sign up and play with me Go here So yeah, I've gotten a hell of a lot better at LoL now this was my time using Mordekaiser and ... tags: 3D5v5actionadventureapaudioazurite

Da Ghetto Show EP03 - Discovering a G-Girl & her BF!

This is the third episode of da ghetto show in which Alabama Yokel stirs some shit with a ghetto hoochie and her boyfriend, Rick and Deputy ... tags: 03AlabamaangryBlackcallcallingconstructions

Creepy Security Guy Tries To Creep Some People

First time using Creepy Security Guy Soundboard trying to creep some people. New and Old Victims ENJOY And DOn't forget to Subscribe THE ... tags: callcallingconstructionscrankcreepingcreepyduncan

DMF & JP Call A Drunk Guy & His Girl

Duncan's Mothers Friend DMF and Jackass Plumber JP gang up on a Drunk guy and his girlfriend. ENJOY And DOn't forget to Subscribe THE ART ... tags: callcallingconstructionscrankcreepingcreepyDMF

Da Ghetto Show EP01 - in da beggenning!

This is the first episode of da ghetto show in which Yankee Tough Guy starts some shit with some guy he doesn't know. ENJOY And DOn't ... tags: 01Alabamaangryblackcallcallingconstructions