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Creation Science Videos - 3 by Popular

Scientific Research Projects from an Intelligent Design Perspective

On this episode of ID The Future we present an interview with Joseph C. Campana, founder of, a wiki-based website devoted to ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

Is Dogmatic Darwinism A Science Stopper?

On this episode of ID The Future CSC's Robert Crowther examines whether intelligent design is an impediment to scientific progress, and ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

Darwinian Evolution is Being Overhyped as the Cornerstone of the Biological Sciences

On this episode of ID The Future the CSC's Robert Crowther explores the growing number of claims that Darwinian evolution is the foundation ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

Do we live on a Privileged Planet?

On this episode of ID The Future we have a short clip about the The Privileged Planet. In the book authors Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack

Biologists Debate What Science is and Whether ID is Science

On this episode of ID The Future we're featuring a short segment from a debate between CSC senior fellow and biologist, Jonathan Wells, and ... tags: academic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologychemistrycosmology

PBS' "Think Tank" Video Explaining the Differences Between intelligent design, Darwinism ...

On this episode of ID The Future we are highlighting a clip from PBS' Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg that features CSC Director Dr. Stephen ... tags: academicacademic freedomacademic_freedomatheismBehebiologyblack