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"Evolutionists" Are Not Fit For Public Office

The term evolutionist annoys me, I am as much an evolutionist as I am a gravitist. Also, Kan Ham and Bryan Fischer are fucking morons and ... tags: American_Family_AssociationAnswers_in_GenesisBill_Nye_the_Science_GuyBryan_FischerCreationevolution_controversyCreation_MuseumCreation_myth

Allosaurus fossil to go on display at Creation Museum

Right now the Allosaurus fossil is in the Creation Museums research lab. The fossil contains about 60 percent of the Allosaurs bones, ...

Creation Museum Staffer Shocked by Lightning Strike

A worker at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky was shocked by lightning while on the job.A worker at the Creation Museum in ... tags: creationcreation_museumlighteninglightning_strikemuseummuseum_lightning_strikemuseum_worker

Spectacular New Dinosaur Book

Master Books has just produced what they believe is the best childrens book theyve ever publishedDinosaurs for Kids.The artwork in this ... tags: answersAround_AiGbiblebiblical_authoritychristcreationcreation_museum

A Race Car and a Challenge from Jeremiah

Many things are happening back in the office today and tomorrow while I am in the western part of America for most of this week. One of the ... tags: answersAround_AiGchristcreationcreation_collegecreation_museummedia

Presuppositional Apologetics

This week at AiG, we are conducting a special three-part presentation series to the staff on apologetics to help them all understand the ... tags: apologeticsAround_AiGcreation_museum

Roman Soldier Visits Answers in Genesis

With this being Good Friday, I wanted to mention how we brought in a very special speaker for our regular Thursday staff meeting. Dressed ... tags: Around_AiGcreation_museumMuseum_Updatesteachingvisitors

Discount Ends Today for National Conference

Today Saturday is the last chance to register earlyat a substantial discount for our unique Creation College conference. This general ... tags: creationcreation_museumcreation_scienceevolutiongenesisGuest_Blogjesus

Creation Museum Pairs Humans, Dinosaurs

A new museum opening in Kentucky presents the Earth's history from a biblical perspective opponents say the Creation Museum is ignoring ... tags: Creation-MuseumcstickersInternational,News

pt. 4 - Evolution VS. Creation - Kagin VS. Looy

Tue, 29 Jan 2008 072851 -0800Part 4 in a 4 part series Evolution VS. Creation - Darwin VS. Jesus how ever you look at it, it's gonna be a ... tags: atheismatheistchristiancreationcreation_museumDarwinedwin