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Crazy Videos - 2 by Popular

Extreme surfers on Giant Waves after Hercules storm! Belharra meets Hercules

When a storm meets Belharra w have GIANT WAVES Crazy and amazing guy went to surf thoses monsters tags: atlanticBelharracrazygiant_waveinsaneoceansport

Boat on the mud in Thailand

Insane In thailand, Boat pilotes can drive their ship on the mud... Really A boat on the mud tags: boatcrazydrivedrivermudon_the_mudship

Ray Amsley News Interview

Ray Amsley interview. Featuring Mary Holland. Buy T shirts T shirts in the UK here tags: amsleyArmycrazydefenserawraysegal

A car falling from a bridge beause of ICE! I-694 Bridge Crash

This is why we're urging people to slow down, pay attention and watch out for icy bridges and ramps. The motorist walked away from this ... tags: accidentawesomebridgebridge_crashcarcrashcrazy

Violent accident during Robot War Fest - Student Injured at IIT Techfest Robowars 2014

Match was Mojo-jojo VS Golu when a shrapnel flies off hitting one of the spectators on his face..he faints instantly and is reported to ... tags: crazyfracturehitinjuredRobotRobowarsShrapnel

Amazing new 3D technology - Better Reality 3D scan

The little high tech company Better Reality just lauch his new 3D scan system Thorskan Crazy tags: 3D3D_scan_systemamazingcinemacrazymoviepoland

The best News Reporter moments on Live TV

Here is THE compilation of news live TV moments of 2013... So funny and epic things hapenning tags: best_ofcompilationcrazylivenewsnews_best_ofnews_compilation

Empty Drinks Can Making A Really Weird Noise

I've got no idea what's going on, I just poured a drink and then suddenly the can started making this really weird noise can drink alcohol ... tags: alcoholcanCidercoolcrazydrinkdry

Bull Vs. Woman : Bull wins! Epic fail!

Amazing and so violent attack of a giant Bull on a poor Woman tags: attackbullBull_Horncrazydeaddiehurt

Skater without legs - Desable Skateboard rider!

Awesome guy he can ride a skateboard but he has no LEGS.... Epic desabed rider from brazil tags: awesomecrazyDeSabledesabledepicno_legsrider

Drunk russian guy fighting against a stake.

Crazy russian drunk guy is fighting against a stake... Dumb tags: alcoholcrazydrunkfightfight_in_streethitrussia