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Classic Game Room - RAZOR FREESTYLE SCOOTER review for Sega Dreamcast

Razor Freestyle Scooter review. Shop CGR shirts, hats, mugs gear Classic Game Room reviews RAZOR FREESTYLE SCOOTER for Sega Dreamcast from ... tags: CraveDreamcastEntertainmentHawkProRazorRazor_Freestyle_Scooter

Thirsty? Drink your own sweat from the The Sweat Machine, Ep. 130

Sweden has invented The Sweat Machine for purifying body sweat into drinkable water. The Improv Anywhere group makes 7,000 people follow ...

Robot battles human for golf supremacy, Ep. 127

This week on Crave, a robot named Jeff challenges golf pro Rory Mclroy to a game of golf on the driving range. We look at 3D-printed casts ...

Jam surveillance cameras with these fashionable LED glasses, Ep. 125

The National Institute of Informatics has developed infrared LED glasses that let you slip through an airport undetected by the NSA. We ...

Seeing the world through porn-colored Glasses, Ep. 123

An adult app store is building apps for Google Glass oh, don't act surprised. Plus, a PR2 robot knows when you're ready for your next beer, ...

When the moon hits your 3D-printed pizza pie, Ep. 122

This week on Crave, NASA gets behind an effort to 3D-print food, including pizza. A man plays the guitar and sings during his own ...

Be careful where you leave your DNA, Ep. 120

An artist combs public places for gum, hair, and cigarette butts and then 3D-print portraits of the unsuspecting people who've left their ...

Memory foam chair expands when hot, Ep. 118

A Belgian artist has invented a memory foam chair that expands when heated up. We take a look at a solar-powered scooter and try on the ...

Escape from Earth to 3 newly discovered planets, Ep. 117

NASA's Kepler space telescope has discovered new habitable planets, but don't pack up your house just yet. Plus, we take a first look at ...

Torture-testing a tough phone with Rocky Mountain rapids

Crave's Eric Mack is on a mission to push the military-grade, ruggedized Kyocera Torque to the limit. Watch as both he and the 4G ...

Robotspeak: An electronic musician's toy store

An interview with Steve Taormina of San Francisco's Robotspeak, a store specializing in unique instruments for electronic musicians.

Crave Ep. 78: Everything old is new again

This week, old meets new as we drool over a new AC/DC pinball machine, turn our old CDs into works of art, and put your condom's location ...