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Britain unrest

In this edition of the show George talks about the unrest which rocked Britain in a scale unprecedented in 30 years following the police's ... tags: CrackdownsDugganGallowayGeorgeLiverpoolLondonMark

Syria's crisis and regional implications

Syria has declared that it has reached an agreement with the Arab League on a plan to end the unrest in the country. tags: ArabAwakeningCrackdownsIslamicLeaguePolicePress

Syria's Arabism

Syria's dilemma has transformed into a tough challenge with the Arab League which has declared suspending Syria's membership in the Arab ... tags: ArabAwakeningCrackdownsIslamicLeaguePolicePress

'Shielded by petro-dollars, Saudis worse than Syria'

Saudi Arabia may be one of the loudest voices when it comes to criticism of Syria, over what it calls the repression of the people. But it ... tags: ArabiaarmsBillcrackdownsdictatorshipDodIbrahim

NH: Hackerspace crackdown sparks new concerns

Sponsor - NH Hackerspace crackdown sparks new concerns. Here's a link to an earlier story about NashuaGov's attempt to shut ... tags: businessescompetitioncrackdownseconomyfreehackerspacehampshire

Keene PD mace incident sparks concerns

Sponsor - Keene PD mace incident sparks concerns. Refusal to hand over property apparently is the trigger for another noisy ... tags: angry crackdowns dance free hampshire illegal jefferson

Reporter Offers Rare Look Inside a Syrian City in Revolt

Read the Transcript continue to ripple through Syria, despite government crackdowns. Jeffrey Brown gets insight from The New York Times' ... tags: Anthony Shadid arab spring crackdowns government Jeffrey Brown new york times rebellions

Special coverage of the Arab Uprising

The latest reports coming from the massive protests and bloody crackdowns in Bahrain and Libya are reviewed in this episode of Press TV's ... tags: AwakeningBahrainbloodycrackdownsEastIslamiclatest

Iran Tightens Crackdown on Foreign Media [Crackdowns]

The crackdown in the foreign press in Iran has intensified significantly today. This morning, foreign reporters were barred from covering ... tags: Abc_NewscrackdownsIranJim_Sciutto