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A review on Iran's scientific achievements in 1391

It's the New Years here in Iran, and as the whole nation celebrates either at home or on the road, here at 'Iran Today' we're reviewing the ... tags: academicachievementscellcommunitycornealIranIranian

Danger: Expired Contact Lenses!

It says right on the directions that you shouldn't wear your contacts any longer than two weeks. You're going on your six or seventh - ... tags: contactscornealdepositseyesirritateditchyprotein

Dr. Sheraz Daya: Corneal Transplantation - P2/2

09/13/11 -- GOLDEN AGE TECHNOLOGY Dr. Sheraz Daya Leading the Way in Corneal Transplantation - P2/2. Episode 1751, Air Date 1 ... tags: Corneal Daya Master Sheraz TransplantationCornealDaya

Dr. Sheraz Daya: Corneal Transplantation - P1/2

09/07/11 -- GOLDEN AGE TECHNOLOGY Dr. Sheraz Daya Leading the Way in Corneal Transplantation - P1/2. Episode 1744, Air Date 24 ... tags: cornea Corneal Daya eye Master Sheraz Transplantation

Family Reunion

The Parkers have about 150 descendants and they all meet for a three-day reunion celebration in Des Moines tags: african_americancornealeightiesiowaLocalmournreunion

Mamphis HS Lineman Hog on Hogs

Memphis Ridgeway's Cordale Boyd will stick with his commitment to Arkansas. tags: alabamaarkansascornealLocalmemphispoundtennessee

SNTV - Courteney Cox Continues Vacation

Even though their relationship is just platonic, says a rep, Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins continue their vacation together. tags: beachbikiniCococornealCougar_TownCourteney_Coxdivorce

Annual State of the County Address

Lackawanna County commissioners held their annual state of the county address. tags: commissionerscornealdemocratichybrid_carsLocalsixteenthstadium

Breast Cancer Video: Smoking Linked to Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women, Cannabis Use in ...

March 1, 2011 - InsidermedicineFrom Minneapolis - Smoking raises risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women, according to a report ... tags: AdolescenceBreastCancerCannabisChildrenCornealLinked