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Kyle Massey & Corky Ballas do lunch during DWTS rehearsals!

Kyle Massey Corky Ballas left the 'Dancing With The Stars' studio to take a quick break from all the hard practicing to grab a bite to eat ... tags: ballascorkydancedancingdwtskylemassey

Carol Channing supports Florence Henderson- DWTS

Carol Channing comes to support Florence Henderson and sings Hello Dolly with the Corky Ballas tags: BallasbehindCarolChanningCorkyDollyDWTS

Florence Henderson And Corky Ballas At Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Florence Henderson And Corky Ballas zipped in and out of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show Unfortunately, the lovely actress was kicked off DWTS ... tags: AtBallasCorkyDancingFlorenceHendersonJimmy

Florence Henderson And Corky Ballas At Dance Studio

Florence Henderson And Corky Ballas At Dance Studio In Los Angeles, California. U.S.A. tags: AndAtBallasbehindCorkyDanceFlorence

A Phenomenal Woman

Beauty Shop 2005 - A Phenomenal Woman - Gina Queen Latifah confronts Jorge Kevin Bacon in his salon and presents him with some ... tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Gina Quits

Beauty Shop 2005 - Gina Quits - Fed up with Jorgersquos Kevin Bacon attitude and management style, Gina Queen Latifah quits. tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Airbags for Breasts

Beauty Shop 2005 - Airbags for Breasts - Lynn Alicia Silverstone and Joanne Mena Suvari get into an argument when Joanne tries to make a ... tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Joe's Spear

Beauty Shop 2005 - Joe's Spear - Gina Queen Latifah has an awkward moment when she is found fondlingnbspJoe's Djimon Hounsounbspspear.nbsp tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

How to Get Rid of a Man

Beauty Shop 2005 - How to Get Rid of a Man - DJ Helen Adele Givens gives advice over the radio about how to get rid of a man. tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Don King Issues

Beauty Shop 2005 - Don King Issues - The Beauty Shop is back in business when Gina Queen Latifah keeps the support of her staff and gets ... tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle

Does My Sexiness Offend You?

Beauty Shop 2005 - Does My Sexiness Offend You - Ms. Josephine Alfre Woodard preaches to the beauty shop, and they all join in. tags: Adele_GivensAlfre_WoodardAlicia_SilverstoneAndie_MacDowellBille_WoodruffCorkyDarnelle