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Meatball The Corgi Loves Running On Playground Carousel

Meatball the Pembroke Welsh Corgi loves to play on the playground carousel Carters dad built in the backyard. After Carter spins the ... tags: adorableamazinganimalcarouselcorgicutedog

Cute Corgi spins on playground carousel

Meatball the Corgi has become an internet sensation after footage of him was posted online showing his owner spinning a carousel as he ... tags: AnimalsCarouselCorgiCuteCute_Corgi_spins_on_playground_carouselDogsPet

DOG in a Twisty slide! And he loves that!

Buddy the DOG had moved away from his favorite slide but had the chance to visit again And he is crazy about playing with his favorite ... tags: adorableamazinganimalbuddy_the_corgicorgicutedog

Time to Freak Out: Corgis Are Going Extinct

Corgi numbers are swooping dangerously low, and the breed could be in danger of becoming extinct. THE HORROR.

Brave Corgi Defeats Pitbull

Looks like Boltzmann the Corgi can mark this down as one of his biggest accomplishments. The little guy defeats a pitbull in tug of war

Adorable Corgi Wants More Petting

Looks like it's pretty tough to satisfy this Corgi. The little guy just keeps asking for more. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: adorablecorgidogmorepettingwant

Corgi Really Wants That Ball

He would be a great receiver if corgi football was a thing. Can corgi football please become a thing Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: animalballcorgidogfetchfunny

Welsh Corgi: Selma Blair Walks Her Rescued Pup.

Actress Selma Blair was spotted walking her Welsh Corgi named wink along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. The gorgeous star rescued Wink at ... tags: blairCorgidogshollywoodjackrussellselma

Corgi vs Door Stop

Looks like this Corgi puppy found himself a new enemy, a door stop He just can't figure it out. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: animalcorgidogdoordoor-stopfunnypet


Corgis completely out of control. Run for your lives. tags: corgidogspembrokepuppiesstampedewelsh

Corgi breakfast swarm

All you have to do is tap that bowl and then prepare to be overwhelmed by adorable little puppies tags: bowlbreakfastcorgifoodpuppiesswarm