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Protesters Protest Whatever cannot agree on Unity, Argue, Fight, No consensus

In the end 'Felice Falafafull' settles it... This is the big argument montage. None of the protesters agree on anything. there are too many ... tags: consensus Fights funny Protest Whatever Protesters Protest WhateverconsensusFights

Consensus Decision-Making Hand Signals Explained at #OccupySF

OccupySF has adopted a consensus decision-making model for it's general assemblies, similar to the process used by Occupy Wall Street ... tags: #occupysf #ows consensus decision making hand signals occupy wall street#occupysf

Occupy Wall St Update Day7

2 blocks from Wall St. the next American revolution has begun. It is an experiment in direct democracy that has begun to spring up all over ... tags: bail out consensus economy Flux occupywallst protest Rostrum

阿明問: ...

9/18/11 The past few days, both and have been touring the US in preparation for the 2012 Taiwanese presidential election. On 9/14, ... tags: ahbying Consensus TaiwanAhbyingConsensusTaiwan

Maoist chairman sees slim possibility of consensus govt

Maoist chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal has hinted that the possibility of forming a national consensus government is very slim even as President ... tags:

Dahal arrives from Malaysia; looks forward to formation of national consensus govt

UCPN Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Wednesday said that an enabling atmosphere has been created for the formation of a long-awaited ... tags: arrives consensus Dahal formation forward from govt

DuPont Bested Q2 Estimates, Top Line Up 19% YoY

DuPont NYSEDD reported Q2 EPS of 1.37, ex-items, ahead of consensus estimates of 1.35 per share. Revenues for the quarter rose 19 ... tags: businesscoldestconsensusdddupontearningseps

Level 3 Reports Loss In Q2

Level 3 NASDAQLVLT reported Q2 EPS loss of 0.09. Revenues for the quarter rose 2.6 year-over-year to 932.0 million, missing the consensus ... tags: break_evenBusinessconsensusrecordersthirty_seventwenty_tenwind_chill

Crocs Tops Estimates, Q2 Revenue Increased 29.6% YoY

Crocs NASDAQCROX reported Q2 EPS of 0.61, better than analyst estimates of 0.55 per share. Revenues for the quarter increased 29.6 ... tags: analysisbusinesschief_executive_officeconsensuscrocsdouble_thinkearnings

Lockheed Martin Tops EPS and Consenus Estimates For Q2

Lockheed Martin NYSELMT reported Q2 EPS of 2.14 better than analyst estimates of 1.93. Revenues for the quarter rose 2.4 year-over-year to ... tags: analysisbusinessconsensusearningsepsexecutionfinance