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Aikiwowo -- MUM Drum Circle: Drumming from Within

02/15/12 Aikiwowo is a traditional Nigerian song and rhythm. Watch for the captivating solo on shekere by Janet McDonald. This ... tags: AfricanAkiwowoArtsawarenessCirclecollegeconscious

Nyabinghi -- MUM Drum Circle: Drumming from Within

02/15/12 This piece features polyrhythms on djembe and other west African drums. Enjoy the powerful didgeridoo introduction and djembe ... tags: AfricanArtsawarenesscollegeconsciousConsciousness-BasedCreative

Yankadi -- MUM Drum Circle: Drumming from Within

02/15/12 This song is called Aye Loo Aye Kudabla from Ghana and Togo, with participation from the audience -- singing and eventually ... tags: AfricanArtsawarenessAyecollegeconsciousConsciousness-Based

Developing the Inner Dimension of Music -- Isabelle Matzkin at MUM

01/06/12 'The source of music and creativity -- the inner quality of music -- is transcendental. It's infinite, it's holistic, and it is ... tags: ArtawarenesscollegeConsciousness-Basedcreativitydimensioneducation

Question: What is talent? MUM Music and Consciousness Symposium

01/06/12 'What is talent' answered by Ann Mortifee and Paul Horn at Maharishi University's Music and Consciousness Symposium Exploring ... tags: abilityactionAnnartistcollegeconfidenceConsciousness-Based

Question: How do musicians play any note they intend? MUM Music Symposium

01/06/12 Answered by Ann Mortifee 'The ideal thing is to become a flute, over which the breath of life plays,' and by Ed Sarath and Gene ... tags: abilityAnnartistbreathconnectionsconsciousnessConsciousness-Based

Question: How do the creative arts refine our perception? MUM Music Symposium

01/06/12 Answered by Ann Mortifee 'I open up the pores of my being so that this glorious Nature can enter me.' At Maharishi University's ... tags: AnnartistartsbeingcollegeConsciousness-Basedcreative

Question: Does improvisation use a different part of the mind? MUM's Music Symposium

01/06/12 'A successful jazz musician plays from the same place that a successful opera singer sings from.' Answered by Gene Watts at ... tags: classicalcollegeConsciousness-Basedcreativitydimensioneducationexpression

Building a Living Machine -- MUM Knowledge Fair

09/23/11 Sustainable Living major Lyndi Ouelette presents her senior project -- creating a Living Machine to purify greywater -- at ... tags: awareness college Consciousness-Based education environm environment graduate

Art and Consciousness -- MUM Knowledge Fair

09/09/11 'My art is abstract because I don't want you to have an external reference -- I want you to go inside.' Art major Maria Merino ... tags: abstract art awareness BFA campus college conscious

Algae: Green Gold -- MUM Knowledge Fair

09/09/11 Sustainable Living major Michael Dearborn presents his senior project -- making fuel from algae -- at MUM's Knowledge Fair the ... tags: algae awareness biodiesel biofuel college Consciousness-Based dead