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Le CES de Las Vegas ou la grand-messe des objets connectés

des objets connectsLes objets connects sannoncent comme les grandes stars du salon de llectronique grand public le CES de Las Vegas, qui ... tags: CESconnectésdesElectroniqueEtats-Unisgrand-messeLas_Vegas

MediaWatch - Champagne Corks and Celebrations

A study warns that a mere 12 of the French will abstain from drinking alcohol on New Year's Eve - good news for the champagne industry. ... tags: alcoholismbigbizarreblogsChinaconnectsfacebook

MediaWatch - World Leaders under fire, as Chairman Mao celebrates his 120th birthday

Francois Hollande is under fire once again ... this time for his lack of Christmas cheer Another world leader in the crosshairs is Japanese ... tags: bigbizarreblogsChinaChristmascommemorationsconnects

Withings, les objets connectés

Les produits et applications intelligents de Withings sont conus pour le bien tre. Ils permettent de mieux prendre soin de soi et de rester ... tags: connectésGuide_NumériqueobjetswithingsYoutube_TV_lepoint

MEDIAWATCH - Self-immolations continue, three years after Tunisian revolution

Self-immolation is a form of protest more often associated with Tibetan monks than with the West. In 2010, the Tunisian revolution was set ... tags: bigbizarreblogsconnectsfacebookfrance24google

MEDIAWATCH - Self-immolations in Tunisia... and France

Self-immolation is a form of protest more often associated with Tibetan monks than with the West. In 2010, the Tunisian revolution was set ... tags: bigbizarreblogsconnectsfacebookFrancefrance24

MediaWatch - Kisses and roses for riot police

Recent incidents of bonhomie between protesters and riot police are likely to displease law enforcement chiefs everywhere, nowhere more so ... tags: bigbizarreblogsconnectsEgyptfacebookFrance

MediaWatch - 'Selfie-gate' continued

We bring you more on 'that' selfie. Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt took a photo of herself, Barack Obama and David Cameron at yesterday's ... tags: Barack_ObamabigbizarreblogsconnectsDavid_Cameronfacebook

MediaWatch - Sarkozy and Hollande flying separately to South Africa

The French President and his predecessor are to fly separately to Nelson Mandela's memorial service in South Africa. The Elyse invited ... tags: Benjamin_NetanyahubigbizarreblogsconnectsfacebookFrançois_Hollande

MEDIAWATCH - Selfies at Mandela's memorial

Politicians were letting their hair down in a sometimes inappropriate manner at Nelson Mandela's memorial we take a look at some ... tags: Barack_ObamabigbizarreblogsconnectsDavid_Cameronfacebook

MEDIAWATCH - Mandela's death in the media: the man becomes a myth

In tonights MediaWatch, we bring you some of the highlights of the tributes being paid to Nelson Mandela on social media but also how the ... tags: bigbizarreblogsconnectsfacebookfrance24google

MEDIAWATCH - 7,000 or 100,000 protesters?

Just how many people DID turn out on Sunday for Jean-Luc Mlenchon's march for a 'tax revolution' The leader of the far-left 'Front de ... tags: bigbizarreblogsconnectsfacebookFrancefrance24